Jun 26


Rejection is a possibility for anyone – yes even beautiful women – no matter how much you weigh the averages and make up excuses for why it shouldn’t be this way. Many of the reasons for rejection are as stupid as the day is long, but most of the time there is a longer explanation that goes beyond looks.

Consider the traditional art of “game”, we run up on a stranger with some conversation, a little strategy and whatever we know from experience and depending on the way the dice fall we either get some feedback or she disses us and moves away. What tends to happen on the diss for amateurs is that we sit back analyzing where we went wrong, what we lack, and what her problem is. We turn into stuck cars spinning away at our wheels trying to come up with an excuse for the rejection.

Consider some of the excuses we tend to come up with:

  • Well maybe she has a man.
  • She looks like a stuck-up broad anyway.
  • It’s obvious she’s looking for a trick with money; I mean this is an expensive steak house and she’s alone.
  • Her loss.

What if you find out that she’s in a bad spot at the time and getting hooked up is the last thing on her mind? Maybe she has a firm rule about guys who approach her in clubs? What if you look way too much like her brother and she thought it was creepy? Far-fetched? Maybe, maybe not but my point in these suppositions is that we never know. This is why the hardcore wolves don’t give it a thought; she gave you a no – on to the next!

While it may seem like a male problem this whole rejection and excuses thing – I swear that women take it 10 times worse than we do, especially if said woman is under the assumption that she is on her game at the time. You’ve seen it before, the try-hard chick who goes up to a guy batting her eyes, sliding him her number and overplaying her hand. Any guy should be grateful to have it fall in his lap that easily right? No, not based on the way things work – contrary to popular belief not all guys are desperate or in need of it.

The only cure for rejection is acceptance

There is never a time when someone is so major that anyone they talk to is an instant hook-up. A woman can look like Adriana Lima and still be lonely, not because she isn’t beautiful but because the other person has their own reasons. So instead of making it all about you in the case of hooking up with someone, kicking game, or even in taking a relationship to the next level, consider that there is another human being involved in the decision-making. Accept rejection and move on.

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  • Lonnie F

    I agree, but I wanna give my take randomness aside. For fun, I always invoke destiny in my game. (ie. we’ll meet again… you’re gonna need a better excuse next time)

    For us men, our rejection is up front. On sight, we get a decision. Yay. Nay. We want to hit it. It’s up to the woman when we do. Receptive women (usually) want to let us hit it, but not before extracting “X amount of time and tangible value” out of her twat. We put our best foot forward and show all these great things that we have to offer and what do they do? Nothing! They just show up. So after a while, they’re like this dude is great for whatever reason today is gonna be his day. I’m gonna let him hit given he plays his part. We hit it and we’re like finally! I’m out. I’m not doing shit else. She feels rejected. She thought we wanted something more than to hit it, but what else did she offer? Not a damn thing! She just showed up! The burden is on her now to get us to come back and see what else she’s about if anything. It’s time to show and PROVE. By then, we’re often so resentful we don’t wanna be bothered unless it’s just to hit again. Women are terrified of up front rejection because they’re used to just showing up and not needing game. They develop baggage after the back end rejection, but if they played it right they got some meals, some outings, and maybe a trinket.

    Some people try to make it out to be a chicken and the egg kind of thing, but it’s not. (ie. “All you want is some coochie.” “Well if that’s all you got.”)

    As men, we’re interesting, we’re conversationalists, we have hobbies, and we cultivate ourselves in other ways not directly linked to attracting women. Women don’t do the same. They become those things by being with a guy who is this those things. Otherwise, they just do their best to look good (if they’re playing the game). The more beautiful the woman, the less she needs any of that. They think they’re more interesting than they are because they’re not used to be challenged. They’ll be the ones complaining about men playing games (figuratively). Some of the baddest urban models say that same ish all the time on twitter. Unattractive women either know what time it is sexually or they do their best to build personality and be interesting too. For them, back end rejection is twice as bad. The beauties end up salty because they thought they were different and that they were better. Until she offers more than coochie, she competes with every other coochie regardless of being a winner. And with that the saying goes you can’t win them all.

    Women who’ve had good relationships rather than baggage tend to be more interesting because of that vicariousness. Like the old players used to say, if the last player did his job then the next player won’t have to retrain his woman. The women with baggage and no great male partner to reference consider themselves interesting based on their achievements (degree/career) and as men we don’t check for that. They check for that in us.

    A brilliant man once said that what a man does to get a woman is what he has to do to keep a woman, but not the other way around. Women have to do more more more and evermore. They always try to change us and if they do they bounce for a cat like we used to be and that’s our back end rejection as men. That’s why we have to stand tall on who we are no matter how a woman looks. I have a lot of respect for women who understand that side of the game. The beauty who is used to not getting her way is the exception. Overall, cats are quick to smash and dash because we bargain so many chips for something that really has no value and on top of that women EXPECT us to find something within them that they haven’t found themselves… that inner beauty.

    • It’s funny that I read this article: http://www.thefrisky.com/2013-07-01/girl-talk-i-will-not-pretend-to-like-sports-a-guy-anymore/ just now and then came back here to see your comment where you basically summed up my thought process behind the whole chase, date-her-representative, dump her for being fake thing. I remember how frustrating it was to date a woman and outside of sex, wondering whether she’s full of shit about her interests or if she’s a genuine person. You put it all together perfectly. Thank you.

  • Marina Calis

    If a man rejects me…he doesn’t get a second chance. A second chance leads to abuse and no woman wants that.