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The orgasm… a woman’s joy and a man’s seal of approval. Isn’t it funny how we men make the orgasm more about us than it is about her? Keep it on the low though… she still thinks you care. But i’m just a writer with an opinion, we should probably hear what an expert has to say about it. Lets’ see what Dr. Lehmiller of Sex and Psychology has to say about why the female orgasm exists:

Women have the potential to become pregnant whether or not they reach orgasm during vaginal intercourse. This observation has generated a long-standing scientific debate about why women have orgasms in the first place. If the female orgasm is not essential for reproduction, then what purpose does it serve? Although scientists do not yet agree on the answer, a number of interesting theories have been offered.

Some have argued that the female orgasm is a “sperm retention mechanism” that increases the odds of conception. The thought here is that uterine contractions during orgasm serve to draw sperm further into a woman’s reproductive tract. Scientists have found some evidence suggesting that this might indeed happen…

…Regardless of whether someone is biologically male or female, everyone looks the same when they are initially in the womb. During the first two months of development, the genital structures are undifferentiated and have the potential to develop into either penises and scrotums or vulvas. The male and female genitals actually develop out of the same embryonic tissues and nerve structures—and these structures are laid out in order to ensure orgasm if a male develops because the male orgasm is necessary in order for men to sexually reproduce. Because men’s ability to reach orgasm is so heavily favored by our biology, it may be that the female orgasm is just a byproduct of this.

[Read the rest over at Sex and Psychology]

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    I dont know what to do..I too am guilty of being the mistress..except I didnt receive any of the perks..for two years I latched on to my lover. He never promised me anything. Never said he was leaving her. (Although, he said he was unhappy). I never got dates or flowers or gifts, not even on a special occassion. But in his conversations he led me to believe that I was important to him. He couldnt understand why he hadnt met me sooner. He was the sweetest kindest thing. We saw each other about once a month and that was me practically begging him. I feel like such a doormat. I bought him gifts. And for some reason I cant bare the thought that he wont want to be with me.