May 14

woman rubbing chest

Do you have a hairy chest? Well someone has a problem with it; bare chest – well someone else has a problem with it. I get confused with the opinions that I see in articles, interviews and random comments where a man’s chest is concerned and it makes me wonder why everyone has something to say about a man’s chest hair.

I recently read an article online where the author was making a case for men being objectified (yup you read that correctly), and the signs to look for to determine whether a man was being made into a piece of meat, or a human being. The conclusion he came up with was in whether or not the man’s chest is shaved. The point was that bodybuilders, models, and workout enthusiasts tend to shave and are normally the ones being shown in magazines for their admirers to drool over. Still this flawed notion (because it is very flawed) is an example of a man paying way too much attention to our chest hair.

Talk to any woman and she will tell you whether she likes chest hair or not… but if you think she will be nice about it forget it! Women’s opinions on chest hair get downright offensive if you aren’t a member of the team that she’s down for. I’ve seen women make remarks like “men with no chest hair look gay, or like little boys… eww no thank you!” and in my mind I am always looking at them like “and you wonder why you’re on the B team…”

What is the obsession with the chest hair? It’s never a general statement on a guy being hairy; it’s always some nasty remark specific to chest hair or lack thereof. Think I’m making this up? Here’s a list of comments I scraped from a simple Google search:

  • Ewwwww hate men with hairy chest reminds me of a bear
  • I can’t even consider a guy as a date if I find out he’s hairless.
  • Without chest hair, unless they are quite well muscled can look pubescent
  • I like the feel of chest hair but the look of no hair.
  • I think chest hair is mature, manly, and downright sexy.

Bada boop, bada beep, women have strong opinions on what they want, I get it. But imagine being on a date with a woman you want to close with and boom out of her mouth comes something like what I listed above and you are on the opposite side of things?

Who are these people and why do they think their opinion is the right one? Isn’t it enough to have a preference and give your opinion? Why do women have to be so nasty about it? I find the whole thing a bit bizarre, I could care less what a man does with his chest outside of bench 500 lbs… which in my opinion is just impressive!

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  • Femi-Nazi

    Everybody also has an opinion on women’s pubic hair