Aug 22


Bad Boys, for some reason these guys have some kind of magnetism about them – not that all girls date the bad boy but it seems like the bad boy always has someone in their lives.  Luckily for me, I got over my bad boy phase in my younger years.  And some research would connect this draw to the sexy, dominant, physically attractive and yet hopelessly unreliable man to ovulation. Whew and here I thought I had some control over my rational thinking!

And just to be clear, when we are referring to these ‘bad boys’ we are not referring to men that are violent, abusive or criminal, those men are just dangerous. “Bad boys” are dangerous in another sense altogether, in a way that author Adele Parks refers to as:

“…much more subtle… he oozes untrammeled masculinity, confidence and independence, all of which we find to be intoxicating aphrodisiacs. He most certainly has a dangerous glint in his eyes that tells us he’s challenging all the rules. Oh yes, he’s a menace but a stunningly hot one.”

Somehow all that allows us to forgive some things more easily than other things which can leave one vulnerable to their ways.  The research proposes that our hormones whilst ovulating will make us perceive the “cad” to be a future, devoted parent. Basically it gives ladies “ovulation goggles” that make Mr. Wrong look so much like Mr. Right.  This doesn’t sound too far off to me simply because about once a month, I feel particularly randy and down for some exciting bed Olympics and that does seem to fade some after about five days. So, I can dig that ovulation hormones can impact our desires and thoughts.

What about every other day of the month?

I mean that sexy bad boy that says “…da hell with the rules!” has a certain amount of appeal and when I give into my guilty pleasure and watch MTV’s The Challenge, I am definitely drawn to bad boy CT, but do I want to marry him? No;  bad boys can be trusted to be unpredictable, and that unpredictability may prove to be exciting, sexy and a nice reprieve from being responsible but if we keep in mind a couple of things about dating, it will definitely alter that once a month kick.

1. He is who he is

There might be an opportunity for this guy to become an upstanding and responsible guy but it wouldn’t be prudent to bank on this leopard changing his spots too much.

2. His charm doesn’t turn off when he’s not with you

This guy has lived his life using that charm and charisma, there is no way that he is a completely different person when you aren’t around. If he cheated on his last girlfriend – odds are that this just might be a trend for the fella. Not that it is ever okay not to demand respect and expect him to not do these things but it might also be a good rule of thumb to keep your heart just a little bit guarded for this possible onslaught.

3. Nothing seems to daunt them

They just seem so unaffected by almost anything when it comes to getting things done. It’s their way or the highway and this air of authority is something that sends a message of power. 

4. Women feel powerful when a bad boy is interested

When they focus or hone in all that masculinity, mystery, interest and adventure onto a woman, it is super hard not to get wrapped all up in that. It’s a heady feeling that can be quite intoxicating.  It’s the same feeling guys get when a really attractive woman deigns them with their interest. It feels great!

But it is important to remember that the rush can end and all the excitement might be more than you bargained for. For the rush can come crashing down and you can bear the brunt of that relationship and the whirlwind that seemed so romantic and all-consuming may really begin to consume all of you and you can get lost in all that. So have fun with you bad boy but also keep yourself as the focus in the relationship; don’t get lost in his masculinity.

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