May 09

There’s a guy that I know who seemed pretty cool and went out of his way to hail me up and chat to me at parties. Recently one of his closest friends that is like a brother to me told me how racist he was behind closed doors and while it was a bit disappointing, I was glad that I got the warning. Classic Art of War my dear denizens “know thy enemy”. Do I act differently towards this individual? No, but if he invites me out camping one night in Mississippi I would at least know to pack a Desert Eagle and some ninja gear. When people’s dirty underclothing gets revealed I do not know why people get so upset – I mean, the mask has been lifted and now you know right? We should be thankful!

There are a few occurrences in life when the people that you don’t know all too well show their true colors. While it is shocking and disappointing to learn that your kid’s godparent is a drooling racist, we should embrace life’s great reveals because it affords us clarity in washing away the filth from our lives. Recently the death of Osama Bin Laden was a great reveal of some military haters and as a supporter of “our boys” you know that didn’t sit well with me. Some of these same haters loved my homage to Audie Murphy and Sgt. Ed Eaton (wtf hypocrites much?) I found the paradox to be hilarious… honor a soldier only if he makes it famous huh?

Have you had to drop some people over their deep dark secret passions coming out uncontrollably over social networks? Shit man, I know I have – half the Republicans on my Facebook got hidden after Barry O took office. Not because I don’t like Republicans but because I can smell ambiguous racism from a block away – call me Catcher Dragon! When things don’t go our way we can type and say the dumbest things… Here’s a list of things that makes the ugly come out of our so-called “friends”:

  • Soccer Matches (Europeans and South Americans get especially competitive… and racist).
  • Elections (2009 – 2011 was the great revealer of closet racists nation-wide).
  • High Profile Crime – No worries O.J. is gone forever but there will be more.
  • Celebrations – Someone posts a happy comment about an award, in comes the haters.
  • Anything Patriotic – Snark is one thing but people get downright mean on this one.
  • Anything Religious or Political – These 2 have caused the most change to my friends-list.

How about you folks, how many did you drop after an election or a sporting event? Are people really that stupid to not check their offensive speech?

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