Sep 16


With oral pleasure we have to understand that everyone is different but generally speaking getting surprised during the act can cause some anxiety… to say the least. Not everyone likes giving it but under the right circumstances giving it can be a great way to get sexy times started. And men, please remember that your average lady is not a porn star and will probably not appreciate you having your hands on the back of her head “assisting” her in getting her where you need to be. Gagging and having tears running down your face just doesn’t feel sexy to us ladies, and I am speaking generally, maybe on your birthday or something, I don’t know but on a Tuesday – no thank you.

So, after things have heated up a bit and blood is definitely flowing to your extremities and things are likely to “pop” off (pun completely intended) what are you supposed to do with your excitement confetti? Some ladies may not be completely down with swallowing; the consistency of it can be a bit on the thick side and for some women, it just might be a bit too close to the body temperature to be easily swallowed.

“A man once told me: ‘Coming is the fun part. Once the stuff leaves my body, I don’t care where it goes.’ I wish men would let go of the idea that to feel erotically accepted, women have to ‘drink their essence.’”Louanne Weston, California sex-therapist

If you are into women swallowing, then there are some things that you can do to make it a little less of gross experience for her. Semen is safe to swallow; it is 97% water, 2% sperm, fructose, Vitamin C, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium, phosphorous, and zinc (hence that odd flavor it holds) and yes, protein as well as some amino acids and enzymes. I know, it sounds like a chemistry experiment gone terribly awry BUT when we think of it this way; it may seem a lot less like a slimy blob of slime going down your esophagus.

The first thing to do is make sure that there is a warning. For the blower, this is helpful and for the blowee – well, just do it. For some, the sexy is lost when you pull off just before the “fireworks” arrive and sop it up in a washcloth by the bed. So, if this pertains to you, use your body. Let your body take the shot: stomach, breasts… possibly your face?

LADIES! If you are going to go for the facial, please, just squeeze your eyes shut. No, seriously. Don’t just close your eyes gracefully, squeeze those bad boys tight. Sperm in your eyes will not be the highlight of your night. Promise.

And remember, this is NOT porn, this is real life. Your girl will most likely not run her fingers over her mess covered face and bring the excess to her mouth and oh so beguilingly lick her fingers. She’s probably going to use the restroom to wash her face instead. It might be nice to bring her a towel and let her know that you really, REALLY liked it. And possibly drop to a knee and return the favor.

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