Jun 09


Male and female relations in a general sense are not unlike race relations…

It’s very important for a single male to keep female friends and attractive women who are genuinely good people are an absolute necessity. Why? Well, as a single man going through life it can become very easy to see women as an alien race with feel-good cookies that are only available if you can get past their defenses. Much of this thought process comes from the many toxic women that we come across in life and if a man has no balance—like a good female friend—it can be very easy to go down a dark path.

Consider a day when you—the standard male with no female friends—goes to work and sits in a meeting where you are being liberally harassed sexually by female coworkers. In the back of your mind you check their privilege, which pisses you off because if roles were reversed there would be all sorts of HR red flags and you and the boys “flirting” would be fired. You go to lunch and are cut off by a woman on her phone, who proceeds to drive slowly and then flicks you off when you drive past her a few lights up. Your mind immediately goes to Young Dro status… F.D.B.

When you return to your desk you check your Facebook and click on the link of an article posted about how men are useless. You click it and it takes you to one of the many anti-male blog spaces where broken women go to hi-five one another. You read the ranty, nonsense post, look over the comments, and begin to ponder whether all modern women hate men.

This is where the path leads you down into the dregs of pickup artist (PUA) websites and forums. You begin to think of women in a certain way, and you excuse the ones that you meet—that are actually cool—as weird exceptions to the rule. You hate women—though you don’t realize it yet, and you’re actually good with it even if you do realize. You just want to cut and skate anyway.

Avoiding The Path

The key to avoid going down this path of negativity is to keep good women in your life (besides your mom and daughter). I am not telling you to make yourself good with the friend-zone, but if you meet a woman that you have a connection with, and you become cool (on social media, at your church/temple, at school) keep in touch with her and be an adult about your relationship. From what I see going on right now there is so much push back happening on the average male that many guys are rebelling and settling on embracing the division in the sexes.

What you must realize men, is that there are women who see you as a human being, and women who see you as an animal. You must stop entertaining those who hate you and embrace those that would actually give you a chance. Gender relations are very similar to race relations in this one fact: if you don’t interact with a good variety of a certain culture, you will easily fall into a pattern of stereotyping and making ignorant assumptions.

So broaden your horizons and stop lumping women who mean you harm in with those that want your love. It will be easier on your psyche in the long run and you may find that it will make you luckier in the bedroom.

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  • Red Dragon

    I am in total agreement, GFs can help in so many ways, find dates, hot locations to go, dress better and the one no one thinks about. If you want to know if a woman is treating you right have your gal buds watch in, introduce your good looking ones to them, either they respect you more or become intimated. Better to know the truth upfront. Gotta be honest we can’t have the ladies all the time, but having female backup helps immensely in the dating world