Apr 17


A few days ago at the University of Toronto, a group of Men’s Rights Activists organized a meeting to discuss Misandry, what it means, and possible solutions for what any man not going through life with tunnel vision will admit is a dangerous wave of demonizing boys in our society. The meeting was civil, orderly and led by both educated men and women, but the things they wished to discuss were not possible due to a large group of masked, angry and aggressive women and men (sigh)–who self-identify as feminists–screaming into megaphones and eventually pulling a fire alarm.

I wish I could say that I was making this up but the following video presents a pleasantly unbiased take on the events of the day and is a scary reminder to us what true anarchy looks like.

If the above video does not work on your device then you can go directly to the site HERE.

Much Ado About Nothing?

When I see nonsense like the older red-headed woman screaming obscenities at men in the above protest, and the blatant generalizations hurled at us through radical websites owned by both men (sigh) and women, I have to ask what is the point? What is the point of yelling and screaming like a child if it doesn’t 1. entice people to hear your side of the story, 2. win the argument that you are trying to win, or 3. make you look like an intelligent human being?

Are these women just angry? It looks as if that mob came looking for a fight; I have seen the same thing happen when a rival gang sees the enemy hanging out at a nice convenient spot for some drama and they descend upon them to bring the pain. This was not women trying to fight for equality, or for an open dialogue about the world of men and patriarchy – this was gang activity.

Side note: One time for the pound puppy claiming to fear for his safety by defending the Student Union’s right to be prejudiced. Gotta love it.

What do you think of all this nonsense ladies and gentlemen? Are these women fighting for anything other than their designated turf (the University of Toronto), or is this how change happens?

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  • Lonnie F

    Mannnnnn… they don’t know what to do with themselves. There’s really more discontent with feminism than the media publicizes, but dudes really are worried about being labeled. I don’t necessarily agree with the Men’s RIghts Movement as there are different branches of the manosphere, but I am glad that these discussions are being had. You already posted about how black boys are neglected. It’s serious.

    I tried to share my experience with a non-black friend and he thought I was just being a complainer/downer. Yet, all my other black male friends understand. Oh well.

    • I’m the same way with the MRA thing… they are needed to give us some sort of cushion from the constant barrage of Tumblr, Twitter and Blogger feminism which labels us all as rapists.

      I want this space to be a sounding board for the male experience; we want to put it out there when nobody wants to hear it so that it can help a young man out who may be going through the same thing. If you have a story to share on the black male experience please feel free to send it to me. If anything we can fix it up and make an article out of it.

      • Lonnie F

        I can sum it up like this. As things are now, so many black boys are taught/babysat by young white women who don’t give a damn about them. They’re just working out their deal to teach for a few years in the hood and get some loans forgiven (IIRC). They do more harm than good. My experience with that is minimal. I was talking to different friends about the black women teachers we had and how they had so much contempt for us boys. Mid-90’s in junior high (magnate school) the 3 most influential teachers (out of 4) were the most foul and disrespectful. They openly mocked and humiliated us. The leader felt that she was far above and beyond teaching in the hood and us especially. She carried herself as though she was a seasoned professor… pants suits, heels, and pearls everyday always with a perfectly coiffed short feminist haircut. At the time we didn’t understand, but each teacher would try to come up with new ways to embarrass us everyday and then tell the girls not to get involved with boys like us then and especially when we grow up. They’d never bad mouth ANY girl. If you’ve seen The Wire, remember Duquan? We had a Duquan and for 2 years these teachers let him HAVE IT everyday! It was abuse. They claimed they were getting us ready for the real world.

      • Lonnie F

        If anything they were getting us ready to deal with their daughters. Everything they were doing back then is evident now in our women. They had the girls thinking their shit don’t stink and that they could do whatever and get away with it. That’s what this Gen Y is about (figuratively and literally people left to their devices products of single mothers). You’re probably just old enough to be Gen X where I’m barely a millennial (30 y/o). It’s interesting that someone spoke similarly about this in a podcast I listen to and his experience was from 10 years earlier than mine. He spoke on a new wave of young black women teachers treating young black boys like shit in the early 80’s. I say these women don’t know what to do with themselves today because what they experience is not oppression. It’s the opposite. Too much freedom.

      • Damn, that is some craziness and it explains a lot. It makes sense too since a hateful person will not change after they become a teacher. The funny thing is the only time we get empathy is when one of these spiteful women has a son. This is a great topic to expound upon so thank you.

  • Chris

    2:44 yeahhhh!

  • AriD2385

    I just wanted to say that I think there’s a real “silent majority” dynamic going on here. Polls consistently show that only 20% or so of women will identify themselves as feminists. This causes much consternation for women who do label themselves such. They think that women who don’t like the label just don’t understand–but I think we do. Most women do appreciate masculinity, but the most vocal women right now are those who resent men.

    • Thanks for commenting on this (and other posts as well) I truly appreciate the angle you add to the conversation. Like many other things going on I wish many of the silent majority would speak up so that this is understood though. Many men are under the impression that this line of thinking is the popular majority thought process.

  • 42jemini .

    Oh no, this is definitely how change happens. Just not change toward the Feminist’s agenda. This kind of reminds me a little of the mentality around the Boston Massacre or the civil disobedience movement in India lead by Ghandi. This is the kind of stuff that wakes the world up to the hypocracy of feminism, and illustrates the dangerous and oppressive nature of the movement.

    Since this incident, I have seen the internet light up with anti-feminist activity, and most of these anti-feminists specifically reference this incident and the University of Toronto. Yes, this is the path to change. This red-haired feminist probably was the single instigator of the most damage the feminist movement has ever seen since the movement started in the 60s, and it is my personal opinion that one day that fire-alarm will become known as the fire-alarm heard around the world. (referencing the shot heard around the world during the revolutionary war of American independence for those of you who did not grow up in the American school system.)

  • Fuckyou

    That white knight homosexual brainwashed to speak bullshit.


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    • Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg