Apr 20

Have you ever heard about these freaks who get married after meeting one another on a game such as Everquest, World of Warcraft or Age of Conan? You probably think to yourself well they’re both losers so they probably don’t care what each other looks like as long as they have someone to love. The thing is, hooking up off of a game isn’t so freaky at all, and contrary to popular belief, most people playing online games aren’t losers. They’re your military personnel, your school teachers, your CIO’s and sometimes even your wife/husband. The draw to these games beyond that of the standard single player RPG, is the dynamic element of human interactivity. While the competitive types can kill each other for rewards in a PVP (Player versus Player) environment, others can just play against the environment while making friends and forming bonds.

The reason an online relationship works off of games such as these is due to the ease of interactivity with people. Imagine if you will, you are in a relationship with a man/woman who barely listens anymore, could care less about your day and has been with you too long and it’s very obvious. You start your game of World of Warcraft where you team up with Jenny the Night Elf who is actually being played by Felicia, a hottie from the Midwest whose boring teaching gig has led her to find fun in this online endeavor. You and Jenny chat daily as you run through quests and work on your characters, exchanging little quips and stories about the real life you and her all the time. Well reality and human nature says that you both will cross the line eventually, the same way people working closely or even better, talking on the phone will do.

The beautiful thing about giving someone an uninterrupted ear to hear their woes is that you warm to that person regardless of what they look like. So in the sense of an online relationship, you begin to develop a liking for the person and it goes beyond avatar and voice (if you get them on vent). You bond and before long one of you hops on a bus, plane or train and jumps into bed with the other. So when you take into consideration the reasoning behind a gaming hookup and the fact that these two people connected on a level that went beyond looks and date games, you can see how people who meet on MMORPG’s could marry. Hell based on the level of deeper understanding, the similarity in interests and the crazy story of how they met, many of these couples will stay together a lot longer than traditional hookups.

So ladies if you find yourself getting sucked in by the charm of that level 80 warrior who raids with you, while your lonely fat friends joke that he is some pasty nerd sucking down pop tarts in his mom’s basement – reality serves that he may be far from it. He is there for you daily, listening to your boring chats about how you want to quit your pizza delivery job and he offers positive advice even though he is stuck on active military duty overseas gaming from a laptop. Give love a chance, even if the person behind the avatar isn’t anatomically incorrect with pointy ears, you may just surprise yourself. If you spend 4+ hours a night on an online game, what’s the issue with finding love in someone who is elsewhere doing the same?

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