Jan 17

Do not write off the Club as a viable means of finding true love, the thing with it is you have to use common sense to discern a wolf from a potential mate. The purpose of the Club is to meet and greet the potential mate, not to pass judgment and size him/her up based on what he is doing there – that’s for later on. The Club is to dance with them, have fun with your friends and get the number for future courting if you find him/her attractive. For this latter reason, a visit to the Club can be invaluable, even better than online dating. You get to see that person up-close, you get to see their mannerisms, the way they move on the dance-floor (sex) and of course their habits in that paradise of vice.

All 3 marriages that I know of which came from meeting in a Club are flourishing beautifully… how is that for your no love in the Club theory? Look I know it’s easier to write it off as a place for immature socialites and wolves looking for easy sex, but normal people visit the Club to dance, go out and enjoy the night with their friends. Do not write off the opportunity to go if you are young, single and searching.

Spotting a Good Girl in a Club

Sadly good girls, unlike the predatory cougars will come in a pack accompanied by a grenade. You can spot a good girl dancing in a circle of friends or hanging out at the bar with a barrier of women that are similarly single. Approaching this fellowship is an article on its own but you have to realize that the good ones come with armor while the bad ones fly solo or in a pair.

Spotting a Good Guy in a Club

Good  guys fly in packs too, but with guys it’s normally a wolf-pack with a couple nice guys in tow. The reason for this is that good guys look to wolves tp tell them how to get with a woman. The wolf invites them to his favorite club in order to show them how he preys on the hawtes that enter his trap. For this, spotting the good guy is easy, being that he’ll be holding back, looking out of place and probably holding some lame drink (like an Amaretto Sour) in his hand as he tries to stay on beat and smile at the untouchable hawtes who pass his view.

So don’t write off the Club completely, sure the douchebag to good guy margin is skewed towards the assholes, this does not remove the fact that many good guys and gals still attend. Women will use the excuse that they like dancing and the Club offers the latest and greatest of hits (along with single guys) to dance to, but the good guys are actually going there to get laid a girlfriend.

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