Dec 31

don draper flirting

One of the best ways to get comfortable with women is to learn to be a natural flirt – the same way many of them do. We all know women who bring about a rise in men whenever they come around smiling, talking and doing things that are near the line of flirting but just don’t cross it.

Men have struggled with the concept of flirting since the beginning of time because quite frankly we have too much reverence for women. We are afraid of what they will think, how it will look and oh my god she may actually “gasp” reject us!

Flirting without expectations means that in a social atmosphere you are suave and debonair, you touch hands, you make borderline naughty jokes, and you just don’t give a damn what anybody thinks – within reason. We all know that there is a hard line between flirting and just playing around so you have to master the art of walking it.

What does this gain me?

If you are uncomfortable around women in general and you want to be more attractive you have to learn how to speak up. Many guys wonder why the jackasses who are heavy, or unattractive, or married seem to pull the most single girl attention it is because they have learned how to handle themselves around women.

As an example one of my best friends is happily married, children, the whole 9-yards. When he is out and about he speaks so freely and comfortably with women that they are on him like a magnet. He doesn’t disrespect his wife by going overboard but he tells jokes, sings, and is just entertaining in general.

If a single man can be as comfortable as my married friend around women then the results would be space-age caliber glorious. Women get upset when they see the ring on my friend’s hand and remark as to how lucky his wife is and so much more. If he were single he would be highly sexed up just like the single friends I have who act like him.

Another friend of mine is a heartbreaker because he flirts without expectations but is happily single. I am not talking out of my ass with this theory gentlemen, you need to be yourself and let loose.

Bravery is not giving a damn either way

There will never be a time when you leave a club or party and a woman looks back at your silent poise as “you know what? That was one cool, quiet guy right there. I should try to get his number”. No, if you are going to play the cool guy then the woman who you are talking to needs to be flirted with – just a little.

Think of all your macho heroes in life and in movies; they all give a little hint to get a whole lot of candy from the women who love them. So just go ahead and flirt it up anyway, the worst thing that can happen is that you go home alone and guess what you were going to go home alone anyway.

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  • Big Amp

    I thought only women did the flirt thing but I understand the article though. Saw on another site this was called ninja game or something.

  • Na Taya

    Confidence is key. Period!! With confidence comes interest