Feb 08

Have you ever come across a card that spoke so profoundly to an occasion or person that you are just stunned with disbelief? It’s as if the writer sat with you and you poured your heart out, and BAM!! There’s your precise feelings all summed up in prose.

I am a sucker for cards. They are affordable, portable, and travel well. I have received cards over the years that I continue to hold on to them due to their impactful words. Many are typical, while others are short and sweet, and leave me wondering – how the hell did he/she find this? For instance, one card from my honey that still has me looking forward to each day says:

Take my hand and walk with me
From where we are to where we’ll be
Love is a mystery
We will learn what life is as we go
No map. No answers.
All I know is this: I love you so.

Then there are some cards that are so short, so simple, nothing more needs to be said. Here is an example:

Miss you?
(then when you open the card )
Only all the time!

My son sent me a card 15 years ago, and I remember laughing so hard in spite of my tears when I read it. Here it is:

(On the front)
Hang in there
(Inside the card)
Because eventually, whoever’s getting on your nerves will die.
See? You’re feeling better already, Aren’t you?

Yes, I did begin to feel better, but not because of those words…but because of the words my son added. He signed on behalf of himself and his brother and put in brackets (because I know he feels the same way too). That made me smile. But I cracked up when I read his loving words among other sentiments encouraging me “not to settle for less”, then p.s. (There were supposed to be flowers but I couldn’t find any, so just pretend). This loving thought will last a lot longer than flowers.

How about the card my girlfriend sent me on my birthday that said:

(On the front):
Happy Birthday! Just because I’m broke doesn’t mean you won’t be getting a present….
(on the inside of the card)

(LOL). Talk about putting expectations in perspective.

So go ahead and spend 5 minutes at the card rack, purposefully add them to your shopping list so you will always have two or three on hand. Choose your cards thoughtfully, because you never know in what way it will turn someone’s day and life around. In these days when we are all given into the efficiency of texting, cards give the receiver something tangible to keep if they choose to do so.

So this Valentines Day choose to be sentimental with words in the spirit of: Once you have loved, there’s a part of your heart that simply belongs to that person. It’s theirs, you gave it to them and they live in it, claiming its space for all time.

Or you can be as humorous as my son who sent me a card that started at regular size, but kept unfolding to the size of a poster. On the front it said:

Mom, for Valentine’s Day I was going to get you a cute little card that says “I Love You”. (Open the Card) But you are such a great MOM, I decided to get you (Arrow pointing downwards allowing you to open up the card again) A cute BIG card that says (Big arrow pointing to the left to further open the card). Below the arrow it said; (You guessed it)…I LOVE YOU MOM! (with the cutest teddy bear stuck in the O in mom.

Always Express Love. Happy Valentines Day.

“Live, Love, Laugh” – Dr. Carly.

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  • Very cute!! For some cards are the present. 🙂

  • Absolutely Na Taya. Happy Valentines day to you.