Sep 19


Ladies, how well do you know us men? Are you guilty of the base assumptions that we all want to run around unwashed, play video games and sleep with anything that lets us? Do you see us on a deeper level, one mired in the traditions of the guys that get portrayed in movies, books and other media? Well the following points are some things that you may or may not know about us. Sure every man is different in his own way, but I would be willing to bet that most (outside of #2) are guilty of the following:

1. We Like What We Like

Almost daily I read articles by women that somehow feel that putting down a sad story in blog form will convert the men that continue to ignore them into changing their minds. Many men are stubborn and while you may find a few that are on the ropes in terms of taste, most of us really like what we like. Ask a man his type and he’ll tell you, try to make him feel guilty for liking it and you’re wasting your time.

This isn’t to say that a man can’t be converted, but once a guy is into a certain thing, there’s no telling him that he’s wrong for being into it. This is why I find the stories where women that have been friend-zoned lament the situation wondering why the guy refuses to see them romantically. If you really were his friend, you would know that you’re not the one.

2. Some Men Are Looking For A Woman To Set Them Straight

Expecting that every man you deal with is going to be this strong, alpha-dog, leader will yield you much disappointment. There are many Omega men out here who look to the woman as a sort of straight ruler for their adulthood. Men like this will play when you’re gone (sports, video games, strip clubs) and look to you to snap them back into gear (work, chores, fixing stuff) when you’re around. It may seem like you’re the fun-crushing nag but it would surprise you the amount of men I know that want this.

Everyone needs a fit and chances are your flawed thinking that an alpha male wants an alpha female is a strong reason for you being alone. Men won’t admit to this but many want the disciplined, nagging, adult-type for their mate. On the flip side an all business, money making boss may just want a fun gal that can get him out of the office. Now you know.

3. We Don’t All Want to Sleep With You

Unless your name is Kate Beckinsale… Get over yourself… 

4. Male Bonding Is Complicated

Lots of women comment on how tight the bonds between men are when terms like “friend” and “brother” are thrown around, but when we men are strangers we can hate one another in the most dangerous ways. A man that is outside of a clique, who comes off as either a threat or a nuisance to the pack can easily become food, prey, or the subject of ridicule. This is why it is very dangerous for a man to be void of respect, or some familiarity with a strange group of men.

Now when we bond, we bond hard, and it is an easy brotherhood that rests on the surety that the Man Laws are firm and the lines of friendship are not blurred. Men are hard to fall out of friendship and easy to fall back into friendship but it’s when we’re an unknown entity that it becomes dangerous.

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  • “M”

    ” It may seem like you’re the fun-crushing nag “

    Yes, it may.

    Not only do you spend most of your time telling us you don’t want us to be that — but also? We don’t want to be that.


    ” Men won’t admit to this but many want the disciplined, nagging, adult-type for their mate.”

    So we’re supposed to read your minds? Which you constantly accuse us of trying to do, in a tone that firmly indicates you’re not feeling it?

    And you posted this on my birthday?