Jan 29

a finger to the haters

Shame on me for reading an article on marriage from the king of conservative websites, but my curiosity led me over to Fox News to read Steven Crowder’s A man’s top 5 reasons to grow up and get married. Expecting a solid piece giving new energy to the notion of marriage, I instead got an offensive piece of Beta man garbage rife with insults at any man who didn’t fit into the married club.

The narrative was one of fairy-tale fantasy that directly contradicted the realistic view that intelligent married couples have been trying to present in the last few years.

The pragmatic married couple who single folks respect will tell you that marriage takes work, it takes sacrifice, and the rewards may not always be worth the effort. The people who argue for marriage will tell you that for all the hard times you will have the perk of partnership along with other glorious reasons to legally unite.

Steven Crowder chose in his own smug way (he is a “comedian” afterall) to give his readers the Jennifer Aniston’ Romance Comedy notion of marriage:

Picture coming home every night to your best friend, your greatest fan, and your number one supporter. She (or he) makes each good day better, and each bad day good again. Every day, you get to live what is essentially a 24/7 sleepover party with the greatest friend you’ve ever had.

If anybody was to really read that as more than a cheerleader’s romp to the married folks in the crowd, I think they would need to have their head examined. I know that some marriages may be true of what you just read above, but it isn’t true of every marriage – not the ones that I know of.

Steven did what most men who we consider enemies of the man race do – which is to use the buzzwords of “man up” or “grow up” to attempt to shame modern men into his line of thinking. This is what rubbed me the wrong way and it is the reason why dialogue with a mentality like his seems futile.

While marriage has been preached to society as “The right thing to do” by any number of churches, married leaders, and politicians – it is still a choice and should always be respected as one. When you start making it about being a grown-up or acting like a child, then it turns into a form of bullying and tribal spear poking.

The 5 perks given for marriage are: Riches (this made me laugh), children, sex, ambition, and companionship, and the only sources cited for proof of his claims are blogs…

I want to take this time to give Mr. Crowder the finger (in the classiest way possible) for a naïve, insulting, and extremely careless article about marriage. And people wonder why so many singles have shrugged off the notion of this so-called eternal bliss. With members of the fraternity like Steven Crowder, what would make a young man even want cross the line?

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