Jun 14


Well it’s Father’s Day weekend (as of this writing), and I have a new book out… You DO see where I am going with this right?

In my new book Lady Hellgate, the lead character “Helga”, is influenced by her father and various father figures throughout her military career. Fathers have been the topic of many discussions throughout the media but more “spoken of”, versus “spoken to”. 

I would love to add something positive to the climate by putting together a few responses from real dads about how they love fatherhood. But I wouldn’t just ask… I know better. How about I give you some good reading in exchange for your voice?

Here’s an excerpt from Lady Hellgate:

The dark man in white stood up suddenly and touched Helga’s arm with the rod. It was cold to the touch and it made her happy. She was no longer thinking of (spoiler) or feeling sorry for herself as the room got lighter and lighter. It was as if someone was fading out all the colors and shadows of the world into pure, white light. She was happy for it to happen, the magic of the rod making her emotions lighten, and the past pain fell away like loose clothes as she closed her eyes in bliss and enjoyed it.

She thought of her father and how much she had turned out to be like him. It was unfortunate that he didn’t have a friend like Cilas MEC…

Rules of the Giveaway

To take part in this giveaway you must be:

  1. A book reader
  2. A former or current soldier
  3. A Kindle user
  4. A father (or daughter of a military man)

If you would like a free copy of my new book Lady Hellgate, please fill out the following form by end-of-day (23:59 EST) June 16, 2014 and I will gift you a copy on your kindle device. What I am looking for is a short paragraph telling me why you love being a father in your own personal way (bonus points if you mention the military). I will be including the best entries into a future post on the topic of warrior dads, and look forward to hearing from all of you. 

Note: Your email, photos, and information outside of your paragraph will not be shared, used to solicit, or stored in any way to cause you grief or annoyance in the future. I truly mean this giveaway to be a positive and fun thing for you readers, and I hope you trust me and this site to take part. Your full name will not be posted with your paragraph, only your initials.

Nothing to see here 🙂

 Thank you for taking part. The men chosen to receive Kindle books will receive an email on 6/17/2014.

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