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Editor’s Note: Now the contents of this article are my super-twisted and toxically cynical opinion on religion, Eddie Long and humanity in general. There is no teaching here, or lessons, or analysis, this is simply a “what in the hell is wrong with people?” type of rant. So read at your own risk and if you get offended then you can take it up in the commentary. You have been warned.

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Meet Bishop Eddie Long, one of the biggest pimps in America today by the laws of The Game and the pimp god himself. Eddie’s game is so silky that it bypasses men like Hugh Hefner in the way that the world has accepted their pimping. Recently, Eddie has been accused of “playing” with young boys all while collecting large sums of bank from his “sheep”. A few days ago Eddie was crowned king by a Rabbi of the Jewish faith and all the players world-wide rejoiced – because if this doesn’t prove that his pimping is space-aged, nothing else will. Observe…

I’m gonna reserve my judgment on religion today being that I am neither Jewish or a bible beating Christian… BUT… did I just see a congregation of people, numbering in the hundreds, look on in awe, as their preacher is wrapped in a scroll, hoisted unto men’s shoulders and crowned? I’ll tell you what, if the invaders from out of space are coming to get us, now would be as good a time as any, as it seems to me that people are mindless, hopeless and easily controlled… I know, it’s nothing new.

How sweet is it to be Eddie? I know there’s a ton of puns you can pull from that question but think about it. You preach anti-homosexual rhetoric, have more than a few men (who were boys when you got to them) come out and say you did inappropriate things with them, you paid them off quietly outside of court and all to be crowned the Jewish Christian King. I’m sure Catholic Boy-Lover Priest is feeling jealous right about now… where is his crown?

What do you think Hall? Why is it that I am not seeing anyone get up and leave at this spectacle and the egotist that’s behind it all? We all know what preachers do when they have absolute power… there’s enough historical evidence of that to write a 10 volume set. I am absolutely blown away by this video and more shocked by the people sitting there and eating it up.

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  • This is the dumbest shit I have seen in a long time. The fact that people still attend this “church” and sat and watched this shit is beyond me. They are all fool and if they want to throw their money away could they throw some at me? lol

  • Carly

    What a debacle! I wonder if his publicized transgression was that of pedophile of young boys or girls, or even sexual scandal with women, would this “king” be cut off at the knees, making the need to transport him in a chair the practical thing to do? Mmmmm.

    The sad thing with our society is that we still bury our heads about 2 facts:

    1). Men, yes men can be sexually abused
    2). Within our community, we still want to believe that “certain ones of us” would not get that “LOW DOWN on the DOWN LOW”, so we choose to believe it could never happen.

    Luck Eddie!

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  • Terrell

    This is awesome ive been saying this about these kinds of people doing all kinds of shit (excuse my french) and using religion for profit . and they are some of the most shady scandalous people in the world ….

  • JustChris

    Tbh, I think all religion is on the same sliding scale of bull****. It’s all just about power and control. Even for a Christian, why would you attend a church when according to JC himself the format was always supposed to be just man and God. Certainly will be that way when the final judgement is given. Our tiny world is soaked in the blood of innocents, shed in the name of religion. It is a true force of evil and only retards humanity’s progress. Also, I would have thought a man that claims to be Jewish would know how to pronounce ‘Birkenau’ 😉 . Keep up the good work Mr Dragon, your site is a breath of fresh air.

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