Apr 09

zombie apocalypse

What would happen if the zombie apocalypse occurred while you were at work and you were stuck with 3 coworkers to survive and possibly find a livable future for the world?

My coworkers and I started a game of this awhile back and it amazed me how it forced us to focus on the strengths of everyone in our office in order to pick our individual teams. The breakdowns were amazing as some people even chose one person to be possible zombie bait in case the camp got overrun. Some chose the office hawte (in case they needed to repopulate the earth) and quite a few picked people who they knew hunted, fished, or loved the great outdoors in general.

The interesting part about this exercise was that all of us remembered who it was we picked for our teams and why, even months down the line. It revealed a bit of who certain people valued as an asset in a crisis situation and it unfortunately shone a light on who they viewed as worthless.

When I chose my team I tried to think of the situations in the past where things were in chaos and who managed to keep a cool head at the time. I factored in those who were not afraid to speak up with ideas whenever solutions were needed, and those who were willing to take the bull by the horns.

I’m not sure if my office team would survive the undead hell, but I knew for damn sure that we’d have each other’s backs and make decisions quickly and effectively.

On AMC’s The Walking Dead we are shown a group of people from different walks of life trying to fit into new roles in a world gone to hell. Old lawyers picked up samurai swords and became born-again warriors; preachers become death-dealers; housewives become leaders. If you were made to be in that situation with a choice of personalities, who do you really think you could survive with?

It’s Not The Zombies That Get You… It’s The People

If we have learned anything from zombie movies, it is always about how people deal with people in the apocalypse. Zombies are the last line of worry… always. So do you think it’s an easy answer based on who makes up your 4-person survival squad?

Would a team of well-rounded masters like Bear Grylls, Chef Robert Irvine, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and Ken Shamrock make it because they cover all angles of survival? Or would a team of people who have always worked together, care about each other, and are willing to go the extra mile for one another do better?

Try a game of Office Zombie Apocalypse with your co-workers and see what comes of it! You’d be surprised at the combinations that you all come up with.

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  • Do you specify the type of Zombies?
    The Zombies in “28 days later” are S**t scary and just nasty. Whereas the Zombies in “Dawn of the dead” are a bit pathetic really.
    I often ponder who i’d take with me. It usually ends up being a couple of my friends whom I think I can trust and who can fend for themselves.
    Where would you go Greg and who would you take with you?

    • Hey Matt we went with the slow shambling zombies of The Walking Dead… the new-school running zombies from 28 Days Later are too much… I just don’t see us surviving long with them being that fast. My choices were: Alpha leader-type, chronic organizer and planner person, Hot chick, Macgyver-type and then me as group leader.

      Figured the alpha would assist in case someone gets bitten and I needed backup in putting him/her down + in case it’s me that goes, Macgyver can help us survive through ingenuity, go-getter can do supply runs, and hot chick is there to help but mostly give us some reason to save our messed up human race.

      In terms of where I would go, I have the same thoughts as Dawn of the Dead, hit the water and sail off to an island… maybe the West Indies. Hopefully the plague would be localized and not worldwide. If it’s worldwide then a smaller island with neighboring islands and good fertility may be enough for us to take time off and consider a cure, or some way out.

      • Tony

        If you’re going Walking Dead style then everybody is already infected. It will just manifest when they die. Going to an island could work as long as the population was low enough. Then of course you may have to deal with the local leader that may not want to share his space. That’s the type I’d want to be able to deal with more than the zombies, due to the lack of predictability and no knowledge of motivation.

  • Cutelibrarian

    All of my coworkers are older with pacemakers and back spasms. I’m on my own. :/