Jul 04

I have two close friends that are similar in tastes, likes and interests, the only difference between the two is that one has been through several annoying relationships with women and the other has been in few. The one with the relationship experience likes to introduce his women to us friends fast – we’re talking the 2nd week of dating sometimes, they hang out, get all of our phone numbers, befriend us and before long I am having to avoid both of them when their drama boils over. As a group we have grown tired of this song and dance so for the new women he introduces us to, we stay extremely distant and uninterested. Now, if the 2nd friend were to introduce us to his new girl, we would break our backs to make sure that she feels accepted and loved. The reason for this is because him introducing her to us is a sign that she is special enough to meet his extended family.

The above example should tell you women something about your man’s friends, our actions can and will tell a story about our past. Men as a general rule despise drama and when a friend’s drama leaks over into our life we try to find a way to distance ourselves from it and possibly him as much as possible. When a man’s friends give you a hard side-eye upon introduction trust me there is something very, very wrong with the picture and 9 times out of 10 it isn’t you. He could be married and stupidly putting the burden of omerta on them to keep you his secret. Like my friend above he could be a serial disaster dater looking to make you the next round in his fractured life. Maybe he has a history, it goes without saying – if they aren’t embracing you, you need to find out why.

Some guys have oddball friends

Now this really only applies to guys with a well-rounded group of friends. I do realize that there are some suspect characters out there that get pissed when their friends hook-up because that friend will either disappear or slow down on playing World of Warcraft on Friday nights. Whatever, we’re not talking about those guys, so use discretion in gauging who your man’s people are. Sometimes if it’s only 1 or 2 friends they will regard you strangely because you break the mold of what there friend has been with (you are not his type or way out of his league). Other dudes want to bang you and it’s so uncomfortable for them that they can’t regard you as a regular human being. Lots of variables, I know.

This isn’t meant to throw salt in any man’s game but as a tip-off to good women you can avoid senseless drama before hand by observing the tell-tale signs in a man’s life. A man’s man is his extended brother and if he isn’t willing to welcome you into the circle of trust then chances are there is something going on below the surface.

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