Aug 28


Have you ever found yourself dating someone who you genuinely like, but they support a cause that forces them to “other” you as a man or woman? Stay with me now because you just might be going through this and don’t even know. If a woman says that all men are rapists, but you happen to be a well-behaved rapist, how do you take it? Do you laugh it off with some old “oh girl you so crazy” and keep it moving because she’s hot and the sex is bananas? What about women that marry men who firmly believe that a woman’s place is somewhere horizontal with her legs up? Is it all about ignoring the bad stuff to concentrate on the good, or is it all about “knowing what their heart believes” or just the old “bad self esteem” fallback?

I’ve never really understood it. Dating a gender bigot is similar to a black/brown person dating a racist that just happens to find them attractive. Sad to say but we see this all the time don’t we? You as the person being in a relationship with the hater are seen as the “other”, you’re not like them, but you are educated, smart, and they are only mean to those others like you who come from the other side. How many of you reading have been on a date where the other person’s prejudices are so hardcore that they cannot even hide the ichor oozing out from between their teeth as they talk? What is it that makes you accept the next call for a date?

Separating A True Believer From An Opportunist

There is a big difference between fighting for equality and fighting for your side to have the over. I am talking about toxic Feminists versus toxic MRA. The sad thing about any form of gender politics is that there are bigoted individuals who wear a mask of “well-meaning” in order to join the ranks of either side. They cite equality, but push an agenda of shame, belittlement, and hurt unto the other side. There are some men and women out here who put on the label of “feminist” or “MRA” but keep their poisonous little daggers under their sleeves in order to strike when the moment is golden.

neo-nedBe very careful what you read and who you choose to worship as an icon of your cause… I am sure that Hugo Schwyzer has enough feminist women feeling stupid and used to the point where they don’t want anymore men leading the movement. He played them like a glorious violin. This man is married… can you believe that? I’d love to get his wife’s opinion on things.

How can someone date, marry and have children with someone who hates their gender? This is the question I find myself asking when I see men and women hovering behind their hateful spouse in support while they do their thing. This is probably a question I should ask of the gay preacher’s boyfriend, the black girlfriend of the Skinhead, or any other lover of someone whose fight directly contradicts the relationship that they are in.

What makes you stay with this person and is it truly okay with you to be their token “other” when the rest of “your kind” are so wrong for their world? Racism shows the world immediately that your relationship is a paradox when you are a member of the group that your lover hates but what about the husbands of women who hate men and the women who marry men who are chilly pimps playing square? Is love truly so blind? I wonder about this daily when I see the continued assault on men through the media.

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    How is Schwyzer a gender bigot?