Apr 28

Many of us have defended Kanye West’s sporadic actions for various reasons. We’ve put it on him being an emotional artist, we’ve put it on his mother’s death, we’ve put it on the right of a celebrity to be a diva. But if there’s one thing that I cannot stomach it’s when men fight over a woman that no longer “belongs” to them. Granted Mr. West does the same cycle yearly of random asshole shit followed by an amazing album that makes us rethink our annoyance with him but enough is enough. As a Kanye apologist I’m beginning to look like a fool.

Crime: Fighting over an Ex

Kanye is guilty of being a child that is badly in need of some deep therapy and a good old fashioned ass whipping. Come on people we all know his track record but the recent story of him picking a fight with Wiz Khalifa at a concert (over his ex girlfriend Amber Rose) is the straw that broke this camel’s back. Have you seen Wiz Khalifa? I could exhale hard and dude would blow away, he’s like 120lbs or something AND he’s a pacifist weed smoker. My point? Easy target for any guy to bow up on. Let it be Sheek Louch or Ghostface Killah that was dating Amber Rose and Kanye would not pull a stunt like that. Do you know why? Sheek Louch would’ve mudhole stomped him and Ghost would have open-hand slapped him that’s why.

Kanye strikes me as the type of guy that has never had his ass beat during childhood. You know the types of scraps we all got into? Johnny took your lunch so you fight over it and get some detention, or Jamal called your mom a bitch so you fight him at the bus stop. I feel as if in Kanye’s life he let Johnny take the lunch but snitched to his teachers and Jamal was too scary for him to confront. Now we’re stuck with an adult that does things a 13 year old would do: pick on smaller, weaker rappers.

Length of Time Life: Life

I don’t see it getting any better and we will continue to see Ye’s name in the tabloids being that there is nobody that will tell him to slow down. He is without a doubt one of the most brilliant people in Hip-Hop, damn near legendary but that doesn’t excuse bitch-made behavior. This was a long time coming but it’s been done now and I don’t see Mr. West leaving the basement until his death.

So let’s hear it for the douchebags, their king is finally being sentenced to life in the Hall’s basement. While he may not vanish from the public eye, at least while you’re here you won’t have to worry about him getting any love.

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