Jul 05

Crime: Being an Angry White Male Stereotype

I don’t know what could be more disappointing than a man’s man turning Neanderthal to the public and hurting my progress in this attempt to show that a man can be respectful and macho all the same. In the last few years Mel Gibson has revealed that he is in fact not a Road Warrior, not a Braveheart and not a Gentleman. No he’s a drunk, a once closeted racist (thanks for coming out Mel) and a disgrace to the man race.

[Mel’s racially angry rant can be seen here for those of you who aren’t up to speed]

Take a seat Mel as today you will be our first ever “lifer” in the basement. We have secured a nice cozy room off in the corner for you, your bed will have all the bright white sheets you will ever need, all the crosses you will ever burn and there is even a pencil and paper for you to sketch out all the swastika’s and SS regalia that you need to be comfortable. Breakfast will be crow, I hope you like them blackened, our chefs Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben serve up some of the best cuisine and you should be well satiated without the worries of the outside world to annoy you.

So Mel, I’m curious… how many blacks make up this “pack of niggers” that are out to rape your white wife? Is it five of them or around eleven, because when people assert that niggers run in packs it would only make sense that they stick to the numbers of the sports “they” play right? Hell Tyrone can either rape a white woman on the way home or call his boys to shoot some hoops right? Isn’t that how it works Mel, please let me know – how many niggers to a pack?

Length of Stay: LIFE

Mel you are being sentenced to life not for your racial and misogynist remarks. These tapes were recorded without your knowledge and it is obvious that  you screamed these things at a woman who you wanted dead out of anger. Men are allowed to be racists; we live in a country that has shown that racism can be quite profitable, hell I am wearing a cotton shirt right now. No Mel you go to the basement for being out of control. Your anti-semitic remarks from the liquor started a fire that you have now made unquenchable due to your inability to maintain control. You have let me down Mad Max, and because I have used characters you portrayed as examples of “Men” I now look like a douchebag for writing it. And Mel, nobody makes me look bad, least of all some drunken, mock neo-Nazi who finds it necessary to use “niggers” and rape as a way to threaten his wife.

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  • You didn’t mention anything about his passion of his Christ! Wonder what happened? In addition to losing his effin’ mind.. He lost his religion, too?! Or maybe he never had any. Makes me wonder if there are are any more out there like Mel? No! Makes me wonder who they are! I know they exist! To the basement! Goes Mel! But Dear Brother Greg.. can we call where we put guys like him.. The Cesspool or Pit, instead?

    • The Pit! I like that one but unfortunately the basement has to stay to avoid issues with Google and the first one (Steve Harvey’s sentence). You are 100% right that Mel isn’t alone in this sentiment, the ugly graphic aside I wasn’t surprised when I heard this. As one of my buddies said to me, “what were you expecting after what he said to that cop?” Its funny that while we look at Jewish people as being white people themselves, when someone drops an anti-semitic bomb you can expect the n-word to follow. I wonder if they throw around slurs for everyone outside the “Master race”? May be a question to ask Mel or Sandra Bullocks ex husband.

      On our sister site, I called out another one – Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (guy from The Tudors): http://spicymoviedogs.com/1602/king-henry-viii-says-that-youre-a-nigger-too.html. But he doesn’t qualify for the basement being that he was always a douchebag to me, the basement is for disappointing men not drunken Irish, Hollywood brats… I wonder how the “post-racial” people feel when stuff like this gets out? Do they just ignore it, or do they assume people like Mel are dinosaurs in the struggle?

  • RadarOnline.com has released the audio tapes of angry Mel and they are at this link for your listening pleasure. Mel was also fired from WME today so needless to say he’s done. It was a good run Mel, we’ll always have The Road Warrior and Braveheart. Audio here: http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2010/07/world-exclusive-audio-mel-gibsons-explosive-racist-rant-listen-it-here

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