Jun 18

Steve Harvey is in The Basement

Let us welcome Steve into the basement as our first guest. My man may as well make himself comfortable too because as long as that accursed book of his keeps selling and he keeps making “appearances” he will stay void of his man card and locked away in The Basement.

Crime: Starting A Black Gender War

Steve’s book was the catapult that fired the first boulder in the ongoing war of the black sexes in 2010. Egging on conversation about the single, bitchy career woman and the worthless, near extinct black male, “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” has become the de Facto rulebook for women who wish to throw assumptions at men as to what our role is. Gems such as:

“Once we’ve claimed you, and you’ve returned the honor, we’re going to start bringing home the bacon. Simply put, a man who loves you will bring that money home to make sure that you and the kids have what you all need. That is our role—our purpose. … That is the very core of our manhood—to be the provider.”

Plus his anecdotes on women looking for older guys in the church, he has inadvertently started a movement of women wanting to have their cake (equal rights, equal pay, etc.) and eat it too (look for a man who still manages to make more than her and treat her like a queen)… Let’s see the church plus traditional gender roles as a solution to our relationship problems… Brilliant Steve! I didn’t get through your whole book but I’m assuming you told the women that while we bring home all that bacon they should be keeping our dinner hot and getting ready for da sex right?

Steve you’re a funny guy but it is quite obvious by the negative feedback from both males and females alike that we love you as a comedian but not as a relationship expert. Your multiple divorces and your pimp suits make you more buffoon than expert whenever we see you stroll across a stage to talk about your solution to the “single black women thing”.

Length of Stay: 10 Years

This looks bad for Harvey, Steve’s damage for money campaign is pretty devastating. I think it only fair to hand this man a 10 year stay in The Basement without the chance of parole. Sorry Steve, I know it’s all about a “come up” but for stroking the already intense bonfire between the sexes. Get in the basement!

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  • Rob

    And file down those teeth a bit while your down there!

  • Carly

    What da heck??? Why would you believe that shared information to help women understand how man think, stop jumping to conclusions and keep dinner hot and da sex coming is buffoonery? I guess you are more comfortable with the bitching, neck rolling, “go fix it yourself, git in da dawg house and “P” lock down as the acceptable norm!

    I can understand you being upset that he has uncovered why men cheat, that men’s simple facade of a mind set is exactly that – SIMPLE, and the “game” is not as tight as y’all want women to think. I challenge you to finish the book, and yes for someone who has been brave enough to try and try until he gets it right, that gives him the credibility to author on such a topic.

    Do you dispute that the bottomline for the average man in a relationship is the support and loyalty of his woman in addition to the cookie? That if women don’t verbalize their standard, wants and needs the cop out for men is “I don’t know what you want from me?”

    To his credit, Steve touched on some real issues such as domestic violence, dating the single mother and getting commitment. Don’t hate on the brother. There is the rise and fall of every profession including comedy. Steve have found several outlets to diversify his prtfolio, and is able to afford custom made pimp suits. I suppose if he wrote a book about how to make money, then you could be down with that??!!! OK. I got ya.

    In the meantime, while your buddy is worried about Steve’s teeth and whatever else, Steve is showing his pearly whites when he looks at his bank statements; and his wife Marjorie – loves his dirty drawers. I wish for you this kind of love, loyalty, prosperity, support and commitment.


    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfVd7C7bjwQ

      Yes watch that clip right there and multiply that “appearance” by 50 and you will see why Steve “chiclet” Harvey is locked in the basement. Btw when did Tyra get so…. ANNOYING! Wow like nails on a chalkboard. Anyway back to Steve he needs to keep his opinion to the church, like Tyler Perry they are both stuck in this vacuum of old school values that doesn’t translate to the modern age.

  • How did I miss this one? I keep tellin’ you! Too much much t.v. AND too much church will mess a brothah up!