Jul 22

I do realize that Wiz Khalifa represents something that men my age and older absolutely hate. He represents a younger generation of what I called “sub-men” because a lot of these rules, codes and practices that we were raised under fell off somewhere after Generation Z leaving us with walking disappointments all over the place. Recently we committed Kanye West to The Basement due to his infraction of “fighting over a bird” especially since the bird in question is one Amber Rose whose fame, like Kim Kardashian before her, was afforded from her ability to lay on her back for a real celebrity and broadcast it. I can understand that Khalifa, like the Snoop Dogg of yester-year is a floating weed zombie, seldom sober and cruising through on the success rainbow, enjoying life. But for everything you say about Snoop, you could never accuse him of being a Sucker For Love.

Crime: Self-Imposed Castration

I don’t care how much you love your girl, there is absolutely no excuse to have pictures of you sucking her vag as hardcore as Wiz Khalifa has with Amber Rose. Especially after breaking one of the oldest codes in scooping up another rapper’s overly exposed sex toy as his own, you now take pics of you sucking on it like a fiend and I have to say that it’s pretty damn disgusting. Look Reggie Bush scooped up Kim after Ray J kicked her out of the bed but I have never seen Reggie in pictures licking Kim’s pie, kissing her ass or sucking her toes. Wiz Khalifa you are the worst kind of man for this nonsense and I personally want to slap you myself as a representative of the male species. Get your balls back young homie, you’re embarrassing us.

Length of Time: 10 Years

Hopefully with a 10 year sentence Wiz Khalifa can look back at how young and dumb he was over this succubus fame chaser and will regret his transgressions or blame it on the weed. While I would love to give him life just to hear about basement lifer Kanye West giving him hardcore Fleece Johnson threats for eternity, I can’t help but think that this young cat has a lot of potential. Wiz has already tattooed her name on his body with her taking a much longer time to return the favor and seems to think that there is a future in their tryst. Every other seasoned man out here can see it for what it is and when the Amber Rose hangover hits this young cat, I truly hope that the women in his life will be their to pick up the pieces (because I cannot imagine any men letting their friend carry on like this).

Kanye West is obviously laughing at this dude and he has every right to – since he’s relishing in what Ray J called his “sloppy seconds”. Keep on licking that cat Wiz Khalifa, but you will have to do so from the confines of the Hall’s basement.

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