Apr 06

Welcome to lesson 1 of getting sharp. Simply put, I’m going to cover different fashion issues that guys seem to ignore. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not all about eyeballing dudes and critiquing their outfits. These lessons come from personal experience, changing myself and noticing major fashion issues that guys break all the time. If you want to conquer the game, it’s time to sit up and take some notes.

First lesson is the most obvious: the shirt. It’s basically the grill of your car, or homepage of a website. People love to avoid eye contact so the first thing they will look at is your shirt, and it can either be immediate negative or positive points.

Most guys seem to have this under control, but I still see infractions. Keep your shirt appropriate to the situation: moderately formal situations call for some buttons, whether it’s polo or full button down is your call. If you think you can tuck in a t-shirt and call it moderately formal, you need to grow up. Tucking in a t-shirt looks goofy as hell with rare exception.

Now when you are wearing those buttons, you need to be wary of a couple cardinal sins. First off, don’t be a blouse monster. Yeah you need to let out a little shirt so you can move around, but I see dudes with some full on puffiness around their belt. Larger guys like to do this and it makes you look sloppy.

Be careful with those long sleeves. It’s hard to find patterned long sleeved shirts, or *shudder* jean material long sleeves, but for the love of god please avoid these. Next time you see Jay Leno wearing that jean shirt he loves, you’ll be reminded why it looks so goofy.

Summary: Go easy with the blousing, t-shirts are casual wear and shouldn’t be tucked, stick to solids or pin stripes for your dressier shirts, and don’t ever, EVER wear jean shirts.

Start following the Get Sharp lessons and you’ll be a razor in no time.

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  • I went to Chilis tonight and got 3 comments on how sharp I looked. Not so much braggin, just saying people notice when you’re a razor.