Apr 13

While some people are going to just pass this lesson over, it’s important. Not everyone has a job that requires wearing a tie on a daily basis, but I’m willing to bet that you will wear a tie at some point. Whether it’s a wedding or some random special event, that tie is gonna find itself around your neck and you better be ready.

Whether you consider it a noose or a flag of power, it’s the primary statement you can make about yourself. Not only should you choose carefully, but you gotta make sure you wear it right.

Now there’s going to be a couple attitudes guys take towards wearing a tie. Some are going to see it as an opportunity to shine. They’re going to take full advantage of it and coordinate their gear to match up with that tie. They’re going to choose ties, and not just inherit grandpa’s old stash. These are the sharp guys.

Then you have people who are going to rebel. They think the tie was invented by a woman to choke us into submission or something. Hell, maybe they’re right, but you might as well make the most of it. Don’t just go to K-mart and grab a handful of ties off the $5 rack and call it a day. Don’t get me wrong, price isn’t really a factor in choosing ties. I just bought a few $10 ties and they work great. The key is choosing a tie based on shirts you own. I made a recent mistake of buying a tie before I had a shirt for it, now I’ll probably pick up another shirt.

You can have the most coordinated tie/clothing combo ever, but it won’t mean jack if you wear it sloppy. Button the neck button, pull the tie tight enough to sit in its place.

Also, try to keep it clean. If you gotta flip it over your shoulder while you eat, then go for it. Nothing takes the edge off your look like being dirty.

Lock it down, sharpen the edges.

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  • Ties are really not that difficult to get right, just keep an eye on the fashion of the day or stick to the script one color in that tie should match the belt and shoes. If you suck at matching up your clothes then there are a million how to’s on the internet on what will go with what. Many stores will help you out and pre-package a matching tie to a shirt, not saying to buy the combo, but between it and the guy selling you the tie, you should never leave a store clueless as to what you plan to wear that tie with.

    I used to sell ties and 9 out of 10 men had me either tying it for them or picking out a matching shirt for their interview. Step it up men, if you want to be a gentleman, you need to pay attention to these trivial things. When the sales guy explains why said tie will work with a shirt, listen to him, don’t just blind buy it and leave with it pre-tied for you to slip it around your neck the next morning and keep it like that afterwards :/

    Take the time to learn how to tie your ties properly (yes bow ties too if you wear them) and take a few moments to give a damn about your appearance. It will make you look natural on that interview, as if you belong in your outfit, versus conforming to a standard. Sharp is sexy gentlemen, and people notice.