Apr 27

I’m going to start this one off with a simple reminder. The Getting Sharp series is about refining the edges to look like a fresh, sharp dude. It’s personal advice that I’ve compiled for the past few years. What makes me an authority on it? Nothing really. I’m not a fashion designer. I’m just a simple, self-conscious guy who has tried to improve my own style by looking at what other people are doing right and wrong.

So let’s talk about shoes. What you wear for rims is kinda a broad range of options. I’m not gonna sit back and try to say which brands are best, or what shade of neon you should pick for your modern 80’s Velcro hightops. As with the previous lessons, I’m targeting what you should pay attention to when you’re wearing a button down shirt, in a medium formal-formal occasion. Cuz I mean, I’ll wear some leather flipflops on the weekend. Casual attire is your own business.

The rule of thumb I’ve been going with is: try to keep your shoes from being the focal point of your gear. As I discussed earlier, your shirt and tie are going to do the speaking. Don’t let your shoes interrupt. The best way to make that happen, when wearing slacks, is to get a color that mixes well. Like if you have tan pants on, get some brown leather shoes. Black pants? Black leather shoes. This is sort of our compensation for wearing a tie. We get to keep the shoe game fairly basic.

Now what this means, is a couple combos need to be avoided here. I’m seeing guys mixing these sort of hiking-ish shoes with semi-formal wear. Any sort of casual shoe, mixed with formal attire, is just going to look goofy.

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  • i can agree that shoes matter.. especially to women. men have to remember that accessorizing is not just for women. it’s for them too, whether it’s shoes, briefcase, tie, or even something small like his watch..it must match the outfit in style, quality, and color scheme. anything less will be discussed over the phone with her girlfriends after that overused phrase, “he’s cute, but…”