Jun 03

I’ve been over some aspects of presentation so far, like straightening your tie and tucking your shirt in. Now it’s time to get into a few things that people might not normally think about.

Let’s start with colors. When you’re going to grab that shirt/tie/pant combo you gotta stop and make sure it goes together. There are always good standards to keep in your closet. Some fashion staples are gonna be those black pants and a long sleeve white dress shirt. This is the building block. After this you can start adding colors. Take that white shirt, grab some brown pants, brown tie and you’re lookin like a cast member of Mad Men. Basically if you can match up your tie with your pants you’re gonna be in solid shape. Now they don’t necessarily have to be the same color. Grab a light blue shirt, canary yellow tie with blue highlights and khakis. Now this might just be personal opinion, but it seems darker colors are best kept on the bottom. White pants have their place, but it’s mostly in karate and golf.

As you can see I’m all for adding in plenty of color, but from what I’ve learned you have to be careful. I have this pink shirt that looks quite sharp, but I can’t wear it very often because when people see a man in a pink shirt they pay attention. Unfortunately I can wear it maybe once every 2-3 weeks, whereas I’ll wear a black shirt a couple days a week and nobody will ever notice. You pull out that pink shirt once a week and they’re gonna notice, and you don’t wanna be tied to one piece of clothing: “oh no pink shirt today?”

So keep clear of bright pants, and always wear medium dark/dark shoes. Try to avoid shirt/tie combos that don’t match, and try to have your tie match your pants.

Other points for presentation are more basic. How about when you are about to roll out, grab that lint roller and make sure you’re not speckled in lint. Drop in the bathroom and throw on some light hairspray or something, depending on length of hair this may not be needed. Keep a bottle of decent cologne in your glovebox and smack yourself with some good stank. If you take an extra minute to sharpen the blade, people are gonna notice. You’ll stand out as a sharp guy.

This about concludes my little series about getting sharp. It’s only 4 lessons. No book here. Give it a try and see how it goes. See if you don’t feel like a champ.

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  • Also one more tip regarding shirt/tie presentation: I always recommend wearing a solid-color tie when you have a shirt with pattern (pinstripe, check, ect) However, a tie w/ subtle dots on could replace a solid one in the above scenario. Just MHO ..oh yeah ONE MORE tip: pleeeeaaassseee be sure to get you SUIT TAILORED!!! Nothing worst than a suit that does not fit!