Jan 14

Listen if you’re working out and missing sleep, you are performing like a race car that’s stuck on a road laced with oil – You are on a disastrous path, going nowhere and very unlikely to reach your perceived goal!  Let’s pretend that our bodies are machines fueled by rechargeable batteries that deplete every 16 hrs or so, your reserves are deep but when the battery uses the reserves the machine is unable to improve and instead uses sacrifice to keep it functioning. This sacrifice comes in the way of exhaustion, mood swings, complexion and of course strength. With diet and supplements we try to replace the items sacrificed and it works but the body will still refuse to improve based on the status of that battery life.

As a workaholic, grinder and bodybuilder, I know all the excuses for missing sleep. Hell give me 48 hr days and I’d probably be the happiest man alive, but if its one thing I have grown to respect, it’s the importance of sleep. A well rested human being is a beautiful human being, you look different, your ab muscles show and you feel younger. Neglect sleep and you wake up bloated, in pain and feeling worse than you did when you went to sleep. In a word it sucks… royally.

Look NFL players are physical specimens, yet many of them will tell you that they sleep forever. Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens will spend a day in bed after his workouts, recharging that huge battery he has. Sleep is important!

I love it when someone uses the “I’m too busy” excuse because I know that there are few people busier than myself so I always call them on it. Excuses are excuses, if you really want to look like a million bucks, then you need to do what it takes to get there and sleeping is a huge part of it. Sure you have a slave master as a boss, or clients that are pushy, but I am sure there are times when you are surfing the web aimlessly for hours or watching The Fake Housewives of Whatever – have you considered napping?

Strange as it seems that the laziest activity (sleeping) helps your muscles the most, it is a fact and one that hasn’t been driven home in our caffeine worshipping society. Get some sleep people and quit making excuses, you will see that life is better after a good night’s sleep.

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