Feb 11

Hey ladies, the game has changed. Let me repeat that, the game has changed. While you were being drilled by your unhappily married momma to go get your education, a secure corporate job and a man who has done much more than you to play hunter/gatherer. The game up and changed itself into a six headed hydra that has got you all hustling backwards in this relationship thing. It’s made for some good reading as the new buzzwords of “black, woman, hair, single, anger” in no particular order has brought many a blog instant attention and success due to the reactions that come with it. For the jilted men of the past it has become a relative badge of honor to tell their friends how they dissed a woman, especially if she’s fine or accomplished. Guys who are in their 30s and can account for a heavy paycheck and assets have become the ones with a glass jar, trapping as many potential wifeys as possible. Now I am risking having my Player’s Club Card© revoked for giving up the game like this but hey how fair is it if everybody isn’t hip to the rules?

Playing the Game by Last Year’s Ruleset
Women playing by the rules of yester-year will always lose the game. If you aren’t intelligent, wise and web-smart enough to pick up on what’s going on around you then chances are you are either in some guy’s glass jar or you will be. Now I am speaking to the catches out there, you pretty ones with a lot to offer sans battle axe and anger issues. You may have pushed up on a guy who would have fallen over himself trying to have you 10 years ago but for some reason today he won’t commit to a relationship. The guy is nice enough, has a great job, lives in a nice house, drives a nice car, yadda, yadda, yadda, oozes the right fluids to mix with yours chemically but for what it’s worth you are only a friend to him after a couple dates and exchanges. You are now in the position that many of us men have lamented for years, ESPECIALLY guys like the one who hasn’t even kissed you yet. The game belongs to him, and the only difference between now and 10 years ago, is that he now knows it.

Men KNOW The Rules, Do You?
He knows that if you cut loose, lose his number and float away there is a good chance you will regret it after some loser with game plants his seed within your womb. He knows you will regret it when later on in life one of your homegirls shows up beaming to you about marriage and her spouse is that guy. He knows that you have reacted to, subscribed and have been poisoned with the “Single Angry Woman” venom. He knows, that he is in the minority as a supposedly “good guy”, and that women like you will be killing each other off in hopes of winning him to be the second silhouette in that well lit 3rd floor window of your future mansion. He knows that for years he has had to suffer the pains of rejection, heartache and general bitchiness while building his assets in order to have this opportunity of extreme prejudice. He knows that it was girls like you who used to piss in his Cheerios whenever he would ask for your number or to be taken seriously when he wanted a date. He knows, without any doubt in the world that it is a successful man’s world in this age of dating.

The Golden Cufflinks – The Gift of Reversing The Game on Women
So as you can see, you are dealing with more than commitment issues. When a guy knows that he is the shit, he is automatically granted golden cufflinks by the Pimp God. These cufflinks will embed within him a lack of want for commitment, a knowledge that the game is his, and the score-card to get as much tang as possible before his good fortune runs dry. Now you take the nerd, who was laughed at and dissed by women that looked as good as you and you give him the cufflinks in his later years and you will have a man who wants to make up for a lot of lost time. This man will not feel as if you are up to his standard, he will not worry about losing you and he could care less if you lose his number. Chances are there are quite a few single ladies out there that will happily join his team.

So if you are one of these lucky women that has a good guy aimlessly chasing you, or brushing successful men off because you are looking for Lebron James, just realize you are doing your sisters a disservice. For you women who can’t get your guy to keep a decent back and forth going even though you are a perfect set on paper, welcome to our hell. The game has switched, and until you learn how to recognize game and manipulate the ball back into your courts, you will continue to be single, confused and searching. Don’t get angry, get wise. For years it was us men struggling to figure out why you shat on us in the past and are now suddenly interested. Now that we know why you’re interested, we don’t see any reason not to play.

What do you think? Are you woman enough to learn the new rules and land one of these men? Or is it easier to cry and scream bloody murder on every blog that uses the five buzzwords?

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  • I’m finding that just the opposite is happening in my life!

    I meet well meaning men with ambition and passion and good sense.. and all that.. It’s a occasional one who is used to being “pushed up on” by women. He’ll spend a hundred dollars on cocktails and chips @ Snookies and think then he’s entitled to something more.. He’ll even beg for more.. and call me crazy for not seeing the gift that he is.

    All the others.. are still just working too damned hard! To prove something to themselves. Their mothers and fathers.. Jesus.. Moses.. I onknow! And it seems to me, they’d rather do it alone. And then.. play catch up with you.. after they find you on facebook ten years later… After you’ve been sitting and waiting for him.. to get his act together.. Get over the abuse and destruction of his ex wife.. Get over being mad at having to pay alimony and child support.. I’ve seriously met men who expect good healthy balanced women to wait until 20 -effing 12, before we he get serious with a woman!!! That’s when the last of his kids have graduated from h.s.! WHAT IS THAT?

    Why is this a game? I don’t think it is. I think ya’ll just watch too much tv. 🙂