Apr 12

One of the first things a man has to learn in the game in order to have  a winning chance is that he must sober himself around women all the time. What this means is that the most beautiful woman can come across a seasoned Wolf and he will react like your average male but mentally he’s already figuring out how to break her down and put her in a place that is below himself. Although it sounds cold the Wolf wins because he is never in shock of the hawte. What an average guy does in contrast to this is he thanks his god for allowing him the chance to be with someone this beautiful. While this is great for the good girls with good intentions, it leaves men vulnerable to the asps and snakes that we refer to as Gold Diggers.

Generally there are three types of Gold Diggers, the first is the Professional Gold Digger(PGD) who is probably on par with an escort or prostitute – the only difference is she takes her payment from you slowly like a sexy vampire or succubus and then when she feels that she has sucked enough money out of you then she will give you the panties. The bad thing about this is that the sex is normally phenomenal and you will willingly bear your neck for this vampire to continue feeding. The second is the Standard Gold Digger(SGD) who hasn’t had enough experience with the game to fully lack emotion and feeling for men so she becomes what we call a high maintenance girlfriend or a basketball wife. The last is the Unintentional Goal Digger(UGD) who is normally a sweet enough girl but lacks any clue whatsoever as to finances and firmly believes that men were put on this earth to buy her pretty things.

Spotting the Professional Gold Digger

One thing about PGD’s is that they know men very well but tend to underestimate us as idiots. Wolves do well with these girls because it ends up being a tug-of-war for power where she probably gambles with sex and once he gets it he’s out. The average guy gets eaten up with no issue until they’re years in and realizing that they are sleeping with Cleopatra Her Highness. The PGD’s love for shiny things is also her tell. A man has to be observant, you have to notice shoes, hair, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, purses, just accessories in general. Like I said these women are escorts in disguise and much like a prostitute that is doing well, they are going to show the world what they have. If she works at the mall yet has on jewelry that would make a golf wife jealous then wisen up! PGD’s also tend to be very aggressive, you have what they want – money, so like any good saleswoman they are eager to show you the goods.

Spotting the Standard Gold Digger

The Standard Gold Digger is a little bit more tricky and harder to spot. They accessorize but not heavily, at least men cannot noticed them very well because they normally wear things that only women are privy to. The SGD is aggressive but she makes sure that you are the one hunting. She’ll bat her eyes, flash you looks and flirt like a regular girl. You will take her out on dates, spoil her because she’s sweet, and she will let you have sex with her. But once she claims ownership on you then she will start to drain your assets. Truth be told these women can be saved because they do have feelings but you either have to be a sexual dynamo or someone that she’s actually madly in love with. SGDs are the reason that prenuptial agreements were created, they hit you from the blind side and leave you broke and bitter.

Spotting the Unintentional Gold Digger

The UGD typically comes from a family with money, or a family that used to have money. Her digging is unintentional because she is used to a very high maintenance lifestyle. In her mind her looks and her comfort in the role of Princess makes it common sense that a guy should dote on her. The UGD is typically drop dead gorgeous so if her guy is anything less than a player then he will naturally deal with her spending because in his simple mind he believes that he is paying back his god for allowing him the privilege. Sad I know, and this is why the UGD is the hardest to get rid of because for one, the man does not want to get rid of her.

This brings to mind a song by Bill Withers called “use me up” where he sings about being proud that his woman is using him. No disrespect to the legendary Bill Withers but that song is the Trick’s National Anthem. The mentality of course is that she is so bad that she’s worth it. I’m sorry but no woman is worth my hard-earned money, but believe it or not there are guys out there who are quite happy that a woman can be bought. They say “use me up! Because only then will I feel that I deserve you”, don’t laugh more guys than you know live by this credo.

So as you can see the Gold Digger is a complex animal so the only way to truly protect yourself is to know your reads and apply them whenever you meet a new young lady. They can get you killed, make you commit suicide, and make your family disown you. She is the epitome of the selfish woman and there is no saving her with the exception of the UGD. So be careful out there, especially if you look the part of a man with money. Remember, good girls are taught to flirt not attack, so if she comes at you as if she is the Queen of Sheba just remember who has the money. The minute you forget that you are the asset in the situation, you will lose and your financial advisor will want to kill you.

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