Dec 13

Doesn’t it concern you that out of a vast pool of worthwhile fishes in the pond all eyes seem to be on the lot that swims closest to the surface? What I am getting at is the human need to get with people that do not want us. It’s amazing how crazy the laws of attraction are and it’s even crazier that there are people who would chase a dream over going for the people that actually like them.

Chasing Waterfalls…

Consider this; Janine loves Mike because he is crazy, dark and a felon. Mike on the other hand knows that Janine likes him so he figures she would be good for a solid poking before he moves on to win the attention of Sarah, who thinks Mike is a loser. Behind the scenes is Larry who thinks Janine is the picture perfect model of his wife to be because she is smart, funny and drop dead gorgeous.

Sarah on the other hand has tried in vain to get the attention of Larry who she thinks is a nice guy that she would date but Larry is too distracted by Janine to take notice.

We all know how this story ends so I have to ask you… how smart is Janine really, and when Larry is ultimately dissed and discarded how long will it take for him to learn that the Janines of the world are not worth his time? Had Larry used his brain he would have moved on past that dumb bird and his awareness would have picked up on Sarah who deserves his love.

Do you see the point that I am trying to make? We do ourselves a disservice by chasing dumbass people who find themselves attracted to losers. You won’t save them, you won’t change their minds, and you will only do yourself a disservice by carrying on with the charade. Either that or you will be the salty guy who receives that late phone call years later from Janine to get some coffee and “catch-up” after Mike has burned her with an STD, a child or possibly years’ worth of debt. No, you deserve better than Janine trust me.

I have grown tired of good people being reactionary to this foolishness of chasing people who love losers. Get proactive and recognize game fast. We all know who our crushes are into, if you don’t then you’re not paying close enough attention. Stop chasing chicks who love losers! Seriously, I am sure a million good girls who have been ignored in lieu of these sad stories will agree with me. Let the Mikes of the world have their Janines and take a look around, there’s always a Sarah willing to give you a chance.

Break the pattern!

This typical cycle of the love chase can only be broken by the people within it. What it will take is for good guys and gals to stop selling themselves short and allowing themselves to be sucked into what they cannot have. You know what else is interesting? The people who chase losers know this to be true too, they know that they are victims of a negative pattern but are loath to do anything about it.

So if you’re a good person with love in your heart for someone you believe deserves it, pay attention to who you’re crushing on and the type of man that she likes. If she’s like our Janine I would need for you to move on and find a woman that is worth it. Let’s stop crying foul when broken women find themselves begging us to take them in and get proactive and cut it off from the jump.

Find a worthwhile, good woman who appreciates a “nice guy” and snatch her up. Break the pattern and find your own personal happiness away from being 2nd place to some asshole loser.

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  • Great Article! Women got this “Nick picking” habit real bad esp: BW.