Dec 04

sarah palin with gun

Shocking… I know. It seems to be a common theme in this country – someone dies recklessly by a gun, people get upset, blame is issued and the discussion downgrades into another tired argument about gun control.

Much of these arguments are a lot about nothing, you have a few scared people who own firearms not wanting them to be taken away and you have another set of people who think that without guns senseless violence would not occur. Intelligent people see it for what it is: opportunistic politicians back guns because a certain type loves them; other opportunistic politicians call for gun control because they know that another type hates them.

It’s all a big bunch of noise that takes away from the real criminals, the real crimes and the real victims of every single shooting.

In the last year Trayvon Martin was gunned down by a mousy looking weirdo named George Zimmerman and guns were brought up as the scapegoat to take away from the coward who pulled the trigger. Just recently another douchebag (Michael David Dunn) with a gun shot a 17 yr old boy named Jordan Davis for having his music too loud. Just last week an NFL Linebacker by the name of Jovan Belcher took the life his young girlfriend with a gun before going to the stadium and committing suicide in front of his coaches.

This last incident has been the latest “sexy” news thread for blogs and media all over the country so it shouldn’t surprise you that Bob Costas weighed in with his own thoughts:

From The New York Daily News:

Over the years, many have taken strong issue with the stuff that exits his mouth. That’s part of the deal. But to call for his dismissal by hiding behind the transparent argument that he should not have taken an advocacy stance during a football telecast is totally disingenuous. His critics would have more credibility if they just came out and said Costas should be fired because he’s pro-gun control.

In case any of the gun advocates forgot, Belcher was a pro football player and the story of this tragedy was huge. Would they rather have Costas try and bury the story like CBS’ “The NFL Today” did? Or bring on a Victoria’s Secret model at halftime like CBS did on its pregame to distract from the tragedy?

And did those so interested in seeing Costas get axed forget that when it comes to guns, the National Football League has a rich tradition. Just ask commissioner Roger Goodell. Did anyone forget how Plaxico Burress went into a packed Manhattan nightclub with a loaded gun and shot himself in the leg? And does anyone remember Costas’ rant in 2011 when he torched Buffalo wideout Stevie Johnson for pantomiming Plaxico’s gun move during an end zone celebration.

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