Mar 17

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What is the hardest part of writing your books?

The hardest part about writing Anstractor is that I am writing to represent a multiverse of several galaxies. Each galaxy has its planets, each planet has its continents and each continent has its people. There are hundreds of races, species, looks and customs. There are political differences, exotic technology, languages, all of which I need to keep track of and reference accurately throughout the various stories. Had I written a book about earth, or something we all know about historically then it would have been a bit easier since all I would have had to focus on was the characters and the situations.

The other hard part about my writing is that my genre for Anstractor is Science Fiction. With a genre that has pop culture influences like 1984, Star Wars and Star Trek you have to really be impressive or fans will put your book (and your person) into check with extreme prejudice.

I look at the times when I’ve gone full on nerd arguing over things in Star Wars with a fellow fan, or the realism of discovering Warp technology and it reminds me of how passionate we Sci-Fi fans are. Many of the older Sci-Fi novels that I have read impacted me in a way that made them treasured gems to me in literature and so I can honestly say that “Sci-Fi” is much more than a genre. This being said, if you get in good with a Sci-Fi fan base then you and your world are golden, but if you come at it half-assed or bad, then you will be burnt.

Knowing all of this has made me very timid with releasing Anstractor and I am by no means a timid guy.

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