Jan 17


Looking to ramp up your relationship mojo in 2014? Well the Goddess Jones invited Greg Dragon to join her on the radio yesterday to give some tips for dating and what he had to say will surprise you. Every month, Greg Dragon and author Dr. Pamela Antoinette Larde join the goddess to discuss everything from the influence of pimping on dating, to getting over a bad break-up. The show is fun, loose, and most of all respectful. Unlike many other shows that feature a male and a female giving relationship advice, it is all love on The Love Jones Experience.

Check out Greg Dragon’s segment below, and let us know if you agree or disagree with his advice on “paying attention”. If you like the show, feel free to follow the Goddess on Twitter at @goddess_jones, or on Facebook at The Love Jones Experience Radio Show.



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  • cutelibrarian

    I really enjoyed this! Highly insightful for women. I like hearing guys perspective because as a single woman with no real prospects–I am clueless about what I could possibly be doing wrong. I look forward to more discussions like this. FYI–I am a fan of the Dragon!

    • I am honored. Too often I hear men giving off false and contrived answers whenever there is a public platform for honesty with women and it has always irritated me. I try my best to stay genuine with the Goddess and any other platform that allows me to speak. I truly, truly appreciate you cutelibrarian and thank you for listening… and your kind words.