Jan 13

It’s that time of year folks, you know THAT time when getting on a machine in the gym is an impossibility due to the new crowd of people trying to accomplish their “New Year’s resolution”.

Chances are you may have forgotten about this fad during your routine weekly gym visits; the holidays made you cheery (and forgetful) and the warning signs (Jennifer Hudson ads) were not showing up on your television station of choice. Regardless of your expectations however the crowd is here and now your typical 45 minutes of chest on Mondays has been shifted to 1.5 hours due to having to wait on the new members cramming in badly executed exercises on every machine.

January through March is the peak time for gyms to pull in new memberships; it’s a personal trainer’s dream and a gym rat’s nightmare. Nothing can fix this problem unless you can make Christmas, Thanksgiving and sugary, fatty foods disappear so I offer some suggestions to make the months pass easily.

Go to the gym at night – If you have a 24 hr. gym this is the gift that keeps on giving. When I say night I don’t mean 6 or 7:00 pm; no those times are for the after-work crowd and can be the worst time in terms of volume. I am talking about 10:00 – 11:00 pm.

No gym like a home gym – You’ve considered making one in the past but held back on it due to having the paid public one available when you needed it. Now would be a good time to buy your Olympic weight set, a treadmill and some floor mats.

Consider January through March to be Cutting Season – This means you would run more, diet harder and minimize the gym to a few times a week as opposed to the normal routine. Once things normalize and people have cancelled their memberships, you can return, regain size and keep it moving.

At the end of the day it’s the way of things, so try not to get too frustrated. The cycle of the American standard of life is as follows:

  1. Eat like crap and avoid exercise from October to December.
  2. Get on a diet plan and join a gym with summer in mind for your “beach body”.
  3. Burn out on going too hard by February and try quick fixes like detox diets.
  4. Forget about holidays, exercises and diets by April.
  5. Cancel worthless (and expensive) gym membership by May.

This is the yearly cycle that everyone who isn’t into health and fitness goes through accompanied by Facebook updates on their workouts before crashing and fizzling out.

It’s the norm my friends and the only thing you can do to protect your sanity is to avoid it as best you can. Plan for the beginning of the year, build your own gym or find alternatives. This way when the crowds of temporary workout folks take over your gym territory, you’ll be able to maintain without breaking a sweat in frustration.

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  • James

    One word – Crossfit. Lord Google will lead you to the truth.