Dec 18


In January, many of you will be entering into a gym for the first time to try your hand at a new fitness lifestyle. What you may or may not know about the gym is that it has some unwritten rules that can lead to very frustrated (and muscular) members if you happen to violate them. The following list are a number of things to keep in mind when you join up and become a member.

Glance at the booty don’t stare at it

One of the chief complaints by women that aren’t dedicated gym-goers (since seasoned lifters are well past this) is that they don’t like men looking at them. Many of these women feel fat, and because they are sweaty, void of makeup, and new, they sometimes feel that your staring is due to them doing awkward workouts or you being a horn dog trying to peep cat.

You are going to look, let’s be honest here, but you have to master the art of the casual glance or do like I do and just do your workout and keep it moving. Really there are hot chicks all over the place outside of a gym, so why ruin your pump and routine to stand off in the corner staring at a woman doing squats? Be alpha about it men, they should be staring at you!

Do not stare at other men doing their workouts

Most of the time gym guys are actually cool. You are in a place where you are all there for the sake of improving your health and getting sexy, and believe it or not it isn’t all about competition. Many times I will come up off the rack and a fellow meathead will comment on the 49ers highlights on the television to which I will respond. It’s football, we’re both dudes that bang weights, hey there’s some brotherhood there. But one thing that lifters hate, like hardcore hate, is for some dude to sit there downloading a workout.

It’s just super odd to have a man sit there across the way just watching you bang. If it is a woman staring it’s also a bad idea because automatically it will be assumed you like the way we hip thrust—catch what I’m throwing at you? The one time I had a chick staring me down, she came over to give me form advice-citing that she was a trainer and I still assumed she wanted me to horizontally smash. Stop staring!

If you really have a question, as in ONE, wait until the man is in between reps, ask it quickly and then be on your merry way. Multiple questions? Ask the monkey playing trainer in a black shirt.

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