Dec 16

Is there anything more worthless than an unqualified gym trainer? Not the guys and gals who live and eat fitness while knowing enough to get certified to train professionally but the Jerry Jackass that works at a gym and waste the time of his/her clients.

If you are going to a new gym and plan to seek a trainer, don’t be afraid to ask questions about their certification. If you currently work out at a gym and you get unsolicited advice from a so-called trainer be sure to give him the 3-point look before accepting it or telling him to piss off.

Greg’s 3-Point Gym Trainer Assessment.

Point 1 – Does he/she look the part. I don’t mean they’re skinny or normal or “toned”, I mean does he look like someone that you would follow into a battle for a banging body. 9 times out of 10 the bullshitter will look like Trey from down the way instead of Mike the bodybuilder. Females especially should beware of false trainers, many guys find work at a gym in pursuit of ass.

Point 2 – Have you seen him/her training clients in your gym prior? Yaaaa probably not, see I am a big guy and I frequent a gym so if I throw on a black shirt one day and go tell a newb that he should use his back and swing his curls – there is a good chance that he will do so without argument. There are lots of idiots that dole out wrong advice and it would behoove you to check em out before listening.

Point 3 – Ask the front desk. It’s a simple question “hey such-and-such just gave me some pointers on squatting, is he a trainer here?” See simple.

Gym rats can be friendly but the vast majority are too busy, too into their music and too focused to be checking out your technique. Women, and I mean this sincerely, this post is for you. Find a female trainer with credentials to take advice from and don’t let Jerome the ex High School point guard tell you that swimming is the way to a perfect body. If you feel that it’s a come-on or some losers attempt to look important through unsolicited opinion then diss him hard.

The gym is a temple of worship and the god is the Iron. When you have fake apostles spreading false doctrine, it will have you hurt, confused and attempting to sue a gym that never hired Jerome. Remember, ask questions and if he’s full of it tell him to get out of your face and go train!

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