Feb 22


If you’re like me and you’ve seen this DirecTV ad with the “Genie”, you would wonder who the exotic looking beauty was, snapping her fingers and batting her eyes. Well it turns out that this Genie is none other than Hannah Davis – a fashion model for Ralph Lauren.

Hannah is oddly famous on the internet for being the latest in Derek Jeter’s long line of stunning girlfriends and has a smoldering hot Sports Illustrated photo shoot that we give you a sample of following this article. You don’t see a Hannah Davis level of dime piece every day and the fact that she grew up in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands adds just a sprinkle more spice in her already flavorful ingredients. Can we get an Emeril Lagasse BAM! For how bad this woman is?

So here’s the lovely Genie, we of course know that while she may be able to snap and give you anything you want, you would probably be the one granting her the wishes if she was to snap and bat those big green eyes at you!

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  • God you lot get the good lookers.

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