Oct 08

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Women may find this funny, interesting, pathetic, or just plain crazy but many men, myself included, have found ourselves at a loss in determining whether a woman’s breasts are real or not. Whether this is important is another conversation but the fact that we get confused when it should be apparent strikes me as a problem.

I am not talking about the lovely A and B cup ladies of the world (even though an enhanced B is just as well hidden as a larger size) but in today’s American society, I believe that many men think that breasts are supposed to sit on a woman’s chest the way they do with a push-up bra, or with an enhancement.

This realization dawned on me after reading a post on actress Tracee Ellis Ross’s new site and thinking back on friends who have complained about a woman’s breasts “sagging”.

There is a beauty in natural breasts that they haven’t quite mastered in the cosmetic surgery world – but there is a beauty in a well done pair of cosmetically enhanced boobs too… it just matters in who the beholder is.

From Tracee Ellis Ross:  “To be clear, I have nothing against fake breasts. Though some do look painful and out of place in my eyes, what you choose to do with your body is your choice.  That said, fake breasts seem to be the norm nowadays, a new aesthetic that has lead to some confusion —it’s as if people have forgotten that breasts don’t naturally protrude from your neck. Even designers have been forced to reshape their patterns to match the ever-changing placement of the female breast.”Read the rest here.

The actress is not off the mark in her assertion that fake breasts have become the norm now. When we come to terms with how much work the celebrities we idolize and the women we call “dimes” have had, it becomes eerily apparent that we are beginning to forget what natural people look like.

Pornography, strip clubs, party girls, and some of our own girlfriends, wives and lovers are living Barbie Dolls. Magazines and eZine sites like this one showcase women with perfect orbs on their chest. Yet when we go out with a natural woman, breasts sagging ever so nicely when she opts out of the bra – do we adjust for the reality, or are we disappointed by it?

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As guys we often swap horror stories about the girls we take home who turned out to be something completely different than what we assumed. Body-suits to conceal love-handles, fake eyelashes, push-up bras, and expertly applied make-up can make the dime-piece date seem like a master illusionist by the time you’re ready for sex.

Am I the only one curious as to what this is doing to our subconscious? It’s like the old school big white wigs that everyone used to wear when we read about the French Revolution. Today’s fake breasts and cosmetic surgery seems to be our modern version of this.

So what’s a man to do to keep his mind ready for when a real set of breasts present themselves to him? I wish I could ask how the age old Victorian gentleman dealt with a woman’s balding scalp whenever she removed that wig to take herself to bed.

Men of the Hall, are you a fan of real breasts, or has it been too long since you’ve seen some?

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  • pete

    I love a pair all natural breasts myself, but that’s just me.