Sep 05

I was out wallet shopping and ran into one of these beauties recently. The front pocket wallet, as it’s name states, is meant to be carried… in your front pocket.

Traditional wallets are literally a pain in the ass. We sit on them, do the lean and reach to pull them out and get them snatched by pick pockets in certain areas. It has a ton of negatives but of course we own wallets to carry our cards, the receipts we receive from those cards and for some, pictures of family, animals and other items.

The front pocket wallet can come with compartments for your cards and money, while you do lose out on the images of family etc. you have to realize that nobody gives a crap about looking at them outside of you (just being honest). So there’s some compromise there which means that the traditional wallet won’t die a painful death anytime soon, but for you minimalist guys like myself – this is the bees knees.

One of my issues has been my need to remove my wallet to sit due to a muscular, non-cushiony ass (just being real here). When I sit on my wallet it feels like the equivalent of sitting with my right butt cheek on a rock – it hurts like hell. So I have had to remove the wallet and front load it in my pocket only to switch it back to the back once I get up. Men do this for aesthetic reasons. Sure we can walk around with a bulge in our front pocket from a bill filled wallet with cards and pictures of little Fluffy but it would draw the eye like a bright red stain on a white dress shirt.

Men don’t necessarily want that kind of attention to our wallets so we slip it in the back where it can be out of the way, plus it looks nice and flat where our front pockets reside. With a front pocket wallet you don’t lose out on a nice neat front, you get a small bulge but it fits comfortably.

Trust me, the next time you feel like getting a new wallet and you aren’t the money-clip type of guy, grab a front pocket version and enjoy a life of comfortable sitting.

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