Feb 08

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”
– Abraham Lincoln

Why is it that we applaud the efforts of musicians who “woodshed” for hours to master their instrument or athletes who wake up to ingest supplements, work out and drive their bodies to the brink of failure, yet dismiss the businessmen who stay after hours to help out a customer or sacrifice a vacation in order to put the company back in the black?  Now don’t get me wrong, I mean the guys who are “minding their own business” not the loyal employee who breaks his back for little to no reward… there are enough overworked, broke and unappreciated corporate slaves out there to warrant 100 articles.

Why is the entrepreneur such an unheralded icon in our society today? Do you realize that our ancestors all had to utilize an entrepreneurial spirit in order to eat in the “what was” of the past? Yet we give little support and help to the hustlers, but envy and worship them when they have accumulated visible wealth.

Lately it seems that the word “workaholic” is becoming pretty common in the name calling, particularly for people who do what they need to do. It’s funny because this country was forged through the fires of overachievers and “workaholics”, so to be labeled as such is almost an honor. I know a few people who are out there burning the midnight oil, pulling ahead stone by stone, shutting out the negativity and striving for the apex, that thin veil of light that spells financial freedom at the end of the tunnel of late nights and no food, and I applaud their effort.

Current and future entrepreneurs, don’t let those who would rather you keep pace with them in the rat race get you down. The word “workaholic” is ofttimes misused by those who have concern for your health but know very little about your goals. I think of the inventors of times past who are always depicted as red-eyed, sleepless, geniuses who are applauded for their sacrifices in creating wonderful things. It would be nice to see the same attitude be given to the future job makers of the world.

It’s all about being extraordinary, time enough for sleeping in the grave. Here’s to dream chasing.

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  • Good post! the reason entrepreneurs aren’t championed is because we really kinda hate on the person that has the balls to make things happen on their own instead of becoming confined to the matrix