Feb 02

One of the things that separates a professional looking website/blog from an an amateur experiment (as it were) is the aspect of squashed images. Well designed and coded blogs or websites do not squish their images – observe this image below for what I’m talking about!

Images done like this is either a result of poorly designed PHP pages or a failed attempt at getting an image that is beyond the boundaries of a specific size within that size. Images should not just be re-sized, they should be cropped in order to fit in specific spaces. This takes out the need to squish them either horizontally or vertically and makes for a nice professional look no matter your site design.

Although I know this isn’t something that most people notice or have a problem with, the fact of the matter is it still comes off as unprofessional for people that are in this business like myself. Imagine if CNN.com, Amazon.com or Halloftheblackdragon.com squashed images? It wouldn’t be a good look for them being that well-designed homepages don’t even squash their images!

When in Doubt, Hire A Professional!

Get your blogs and websites professionally done or grab a theme that fits you well and has the plug-ins and the capabilities to re-size images properly without having to squish them within a box. For the web programmers out there, there are many open source PHP solutions available to manipulate images properly. Smart coders have developed methods to have you fix the size that you would like without having to re-size them improperly. Go about things the right way and don’t take the shortcuts and your layout will shine by itself, it will be a step above and apart from the hundreds of quickie sites/blogs out there that are mishandling images in this ugly fashion.

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