Dec 06

This isn’t a bait and switch, the title reflects exactly what I am about to write here. I’ve noticed that as the tide of tolerance comes in, some men (and I’m sure women too, but I can only speak about the men), okay some men will not change their views on sexism and racism. I have a zero tolerance attitude towards bigots for this reason. A guy may act tolerant and nice to your face, but behind closed doors he takes off the mask and goes to sleep the same monster that he was when he put the mask on before leaving work.

When I wrote the article on nerds being sexist and racist, I recalled an incident at an old job where a man went on a rant for minutes to me about the prequels having female Jedis in it. He was a good ‘ol boy from Florida so I am not sure why I was surprised but since then I have run into enough men who thought that way to realize that it’s not a racist Southerner thing, it’s a certain type of man thing.

There are men who cannot, and will not ever respect a woman because the effort is against everything they have convinced themselves is real. Some men believe that women are stupid and to be coddled, they are absolute gentlemen to the women they know (I am writing this based off of a few individuals that I personally know) but speak their mind when it’s just us men around. Just like there are men (not all of them white, believe it or not) who will never respect black people but put “friends” like myself in some other category because we defy all of the things that they assume black people do.

Why Are You Telling Us This?

I have a big problem with this line of thought and if I can give some of you a heads up on the douchebag that you’re about to marry then I am satisfied. Many men aren’t smart enough to hide their bigoted mindset if you have the tools in place to read between the lines. It’s funny that some women take this neo-feminist stance and go at all men with anger, picking apart words and behavior as if they have it figured out when the very man in their life thinks that women are second class citizens. That’s right honey, go check that “supportive” husband of yours. In his mind he’s Donald freaking Draper.

Many men know they’re wrong for feeling the way they do but unless you have a woman that will blow their mind in whatever facet of life they deem exclusive to the boy’s club, they will never respect you. This means that unless a Danica Patrick type aces NASCAR and becomes a champion for years upon years – your beer drinking, closet racist, yahoo of a boyfriend will not stop faking that he is progressive and actually respect your mind along with your body.

This is the truth of the matter but there are certain phrases you can heed if you’re the type who has to hear it to believe it. Here’s a list of red flags that fakers state behind their mask of tolerance:

  • I don’t personally know a woman who’s done anything spectacular.
  • I don’t think women contribute as much to the world as men do

Men who say the above usually harbor racist assumptions too. So for you black men yucking it up with guys who drop these bombs, I think you probably need to check yourself.

Are any of you lady readers shocked by this? Have you felt that behind your man’s attempt at tolerance he has that inside “Mad Men” waiting to explode? Let’s face it, your man’s a douchebag but ultimately it’s up to you to determine whether you want to be with someone that thinks a certain kind of way about you. Keep your ears open and stop wasting your time on losers. If you think that you can change a bigot to become an open-minded, educated citizen then more power to you but I learnt a long time ago that trying to civilize a savage is as futile an activity as squeezing water from a stone.

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