Jun 15

Smiles are amazing aren’t they? They can warm you up to someone, invite you in, hide malicious intent, you name it. A smile is what let’s you know that someone is happy, pleased or warm enough to engage. Most people love a good genuine smile; am I right?

Today The Hall of The Black Dragon would like to showcase 20 celebs with the best smiles, 10 for the ladies and 10 for the gentlemen.

Our 10 Favorite Female Celebrity Smiles…

10. Hayden Panetierre

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Our 10 Favorite Male Celebrity Smiles…

10. Taye Diggs

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So did we get everybody that crossed your mind? Let us know who we may have missed in the commentary. Smiles are all that and for some of these people it has made their career.

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  • Nicole

    Hey Greg,

    Just browsing around to check out your blogs! Haha

    Nice list! It’s true! Smiling is very appealing because it is beautiful. Smiley faces are attractive to look at also because most people just don’t smile enough! The world will be a much better place if everyone just smiles!

    I think a lot of people like me for my smiles which I have been told since I was little. Maybe it’s because I have dimples and I smile a lot. Also if I don’t smile, I look pretty mean/unattractive and appear standoffish and that’s why I must flash my money maker whenever I could. lol!


    • I have the same curse that you do Nicole, I can melt hearts with my smile and scare anybody with my scowl… it’s pretty dramatic. Even walking around with a poker face gets me in trouble. I’ll never forget the day this woman chased me down in her car just to pull up next to me and ask me to smile (weird!) lol. I am a big fan of smiles of course because they pull you in like a magnet. If a woman wants to grab a man quickly, all she has to do is show those pearly whites. Whew!