Feb 01

angry waitress

Tipping has been a controversial subject since forever hasn’t it? It brings back the very first scene of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs where Steve Buscemi’s character “Mr. Pink” vehemently defends his right to not leave a tip. But why do people behave this way when they know that the one rule for waiting staff at any restaurant is that you leave a tip in addition to your meal?

Why not stay home if you’re that serious about stiffing the help?

alois-recieptRecently a Pastor named Alois Bell was outraged when one of the employees at Applebees put her receipt on Reddit for the world to see. Please see the image to the right for the receipt in question.

So angry was Alois in fact that she forgot everything that her bible taught her about forgiveness and chose to go on the war path for the waitress’s job. Applebees complied and released an employee after Alois took to the phone to bring God’s wrath.

More baggage for black folks to bear…

As a black person I get it all sorts of ways from both waiters and other black folks. I’ve had friends that I had to go behind and tip for, waiting staff who blatantly ask me if I will be tipping prior to seating me (stay classy), and other black people looking at me crazy when they see me leave a good tip for superb service.

See before being a black man I am first a gentleman, and it really annoys the hell out of me when I am made to pay for the slights of assholes who have never met me.

“I give God 10% why do you get 18”

The opinions on this foolishness seems to be split between those who think it is funny (read: cute) and others who think it was shameful. Being of the latter opinion I felt it was time to examine this situation and the implications that it involves.

Alois Bell came forward with a shady, and arguably insincere apology for her behavior… but someone is still out of a job because of this. Since the internet never forgets and rarely forgives Alois is now in cyber hell – roasted harshly on commentary, photo on display, and reputation in shambles.

Demands for Applebees to “make it right” and rehire the girl are being made and if the flames continue to grow the restaurant chain may need to step in..

All over a tip for 18% of a $34.93 bill…

I know that there are more important things going on today (like the little girl was shot dead in Chicago), but when we have authority figures finding it okay to stiff waiters and throw religion in their faces – tipping needs to be addressed now more than ever.

This just leads me to ask: outside of arrogance, why can’t the Alois Bells of the world understand the concept of tipping like the rest of us do? Is it worth saving 18% to go through what this woman is going through at the end of the day?

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  • This is truly an unfortunate situation and one that did not have to happen. If folks don’t want to tip, I wish they would stay at home. For all the work that a waiter or waitress has to do, a small 18% required tip is nothing. This is a pastor acting stupid like this too! A pastor! This pastor, however, speaks to a larger issue of great selfishness that is so prevalent in our nation. A person who truly needs a job loses it over a pastor’s foolishness and selfishness.