Oct 28

Let’s face it, some men are going to live hood rich no matter what you say to them. They don’t care that much about the future to worry about investments and saving and other square philosophies that won’t allow them to BALL OUT OF CONTROL! So ladies  if you have one of these men in your life and are worried that in a year or 2 he will be living off of you due to the money drying up, I am here to help.

A hood rich mentality is very similar to the way Wise Guys in the old mob lived… Well the soldier level guys, not the smart bosses that lived low key. Ironically the one boss that young black boys look up to from Italian organized crime is boss John Gotti. The thing about this though is that Gotti was hood rich but he had one thing that your boyfriend lacks – passive income.

Passive income can take many forms but at the end of the day it can always be defined as money that is guaranteed without you having to work for it. The hood-rich guy is not going to go out of his way to setup things that will turn passive later on. He lives in the now, he wants the rewards yesterday and he prefers to fake it till he makes it and him making it… is iffy.

A Compromise for Balance

Being hood-rich does not automatically disqualify you from the race to wealth, it’s merely a handicap if managed well. If you or yours decide that you want to keep up with the Jones’s you have to realize that your grind and hustle has to be epic. Anything less is a downward slope towards the Jones’s laughing at you.

Here are a few tips to being Hood Rich the smart way:

  • Use your day job for the bills, get a part-time for your fun.
  • Play the Lottery, since you won’t grind for money, you may as well get lucky.
  • Keep a bean counter in your life to balance out your craziness.
  • Marry a woman with a trust-fund whose last name is Kardashian or Hilton.
  • Stay busy to slow down the flossing and shopping.

At the end of the day, live your life the way you want to live it but keep it all in moderation. Being hood rich is all about your appearance so who’s to know that you aren’t as sick with it as you pretend? The best hood rich guys are on their grind 24/7/365 because the minute they quit – guess what? We can’t all have rap careers and a godfather named Baby, so do what you have to do young blood and come up the square way.

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