Aug 25

Everyone’s favorite blonde – Kate “I can do the Dougie” Upton (dat hawte) is on the cover of GQ Italia and it is such a blazing hot photoshoot that we just had to share with you red-blooded denizens out there. Make sure you boys wear your extra dark shades because Miss Upton has her brights 100% on!

Please find below 4 of the 17 images courtesy of (with an extra bonus…) to whet your taste buds; but if you want the full Monte then you will have to visit: (Kate Upton’s GQ Cover Shoot)


Are You Not Entertained!?

Still can’t get enough of Kate? Check out her own personal Lady Dragon page right here on the Hall! Just be sure to leave everything where you left it… I can just see the haters navigating the place and whispering “everything looks neat except for that damn Kate Upton page”. Anyways I’m out… I need a cold shower and about an hour’s worth of therapy.

Credit for Photos | Images: courtesy of
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  • Shinzo

    Bless your heart kind sir! My knees, getting weak…cryptonite…too strong….