Feb 25

queennefertari1You know that you are a bad woman when your husband has a ton of wives and over 100 children but proclaims you the most beautiful and builds the greatest tomb in the Valley of Queens to your honor.

Queen Nefertari was wife to the mighty warrior Pharaoh Ramses II. If you look at the statues built during the reign of Ramses, you will understand that this woman was of high importance… even being compared to the goddess Hathor. Her tomb is said to be one of the most extraordinary and lies within the Valley of the Queens.

Nefertari had about ten children, the known ones are two boys named Amonhirwonmef and Prehirwonmef, two girls named Merytamon, and Mertatum. Known by titles such as Mistress of the South and the North,  and Lady of the Two Lands, it is rumored that this beauty even accompanied the mighty Ramses during a campaign or two. Do a search on Ramses II to get a full picture of the type of man we are dealing with here, warlord, father to over 100 children and a reign of over 70 years. Ya he hwas one helluva guy.

Based on the excavation of her tomb in 1904… Nef was not revealed to be an average queen, her situation propelled her beyond that of former ones. Her name has been rendered as “the Most Beautiful of Them“; which pretty much trumps any discussion of her position, while the designation “Hereditary Princess” is listed for her in several instances. This alludes to her being of royal blood beyond her marriage to Ramses and lets us know that she was high society.

nefertari1From www.touregypt.net
“Titles; “beautiful face” and “pretty with two feathers” could be taken as reference simply to the queen’s physical appearance. Another describes her as “appeasing the gods”. This expression is associated with kings; and states their adherence to and support of the ritual requirements of the cults. None of the Egyptian queens, so far as we know, had been held in such honor, for none had a temple dedicated to her jointly with a goddess, as was the case with Nefertari at Abu-Simbel..”
Read more on the beautiful Nefertari at http://www.touregypt.net/historicalessays/nefertari.htm

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