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Queen NefertitiI really hate doing two Egyptians so close together but who am I to deny a woman whose very name stood for beauty? While the ignorant tout Cleopatra VII because of her fame, the rest can only theorize that a woman was lovely by accounts of her day. Well, when you have an actual bust and sculpture to go off of, you cannot say that the woman in question was not beautiful. Of course I speak of the one and only Queen Nefertiti.

Her name means “the beautiful one is come” and she was famed throughout her time for her outstanding beauty. Nefertiti was the queen of Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten), and mother of the most famous boy Pharaoh Tutankhamun (King Tut). Little is known of the life and death of queen Nefertiti but her limestone bust is one of the most impressive artifacts found that depicts the people of ancient Egypt (not to be confused with the very different modern day demographic of North Africa).

In regards to the bust:
“Her full lips are enhanced by a bold red. Although the crystal inlay is missing from her left eye, both eyelids and brows are outlined in black. Her graceful elongated neck balances the tall, flat-top crown which adorns her sleek head. The vibrant colors of the her necklace and crown contrast the yellow-brown of her smooth skin. While everything is sculpted to perfection, the one flaw of the piece is a broken left ear. Because this remarkable sculpture is still in existence, it is no wonder why Nefertiti remains ‘The Most Beautiful Woman in the World.’ “www.crystalinks.com

Facial Reconstruction of Queen Nefertiti - Discovery Channel 2003Egyptologists believe Nefertiti’s husband King Akhenaten was born both deformed and handicapped. There is also belief that he had bad vision and relied heavily on his queen for command and rule. This could be argued since none of us was back then but the common agreement is that Nefertiti was a very important figure during Akhenaten’s rule. The Pharaoh was hated by his people due to his newly-found religion of worshipping the sun, a worship that made for buildings to be created that lacked roofs for continuous exposure to the sun, which as you can imagine was probably a painful existence.

Regardless of the atrocities, like a good queen Nefertiti stood with her husband and promoted his religion and beliefs. It is speculated that she was not born of royal blood but lived as royalty and became one of the most powerful queens of ancient Egypt. Just a look at her bust and the translations from ancient recordings will show that Nefertiti is indeed one of the Hotties of History.

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