Oct 07

Men are not in trouble, the gender war is another faux problem created to mask us all from the reality of the overall human situation. If you find yourself reading articles by men and women claiming that men of today are hopeless, lost and unnecessary, please consider the source before you let their assertion upset you. Men have not been denied any privileges in the modern age, we haven’t been locked down, and we haven’t been made to relocate.

What has happened is that the playing field that many women and men fought to have leveled is more than on its way to evening out. When change like this happens, much like segregation, change in laws, change in housing or hell any change whatsoever, the bigots come through in droves with their articles, one-liners and commentary of hate disguised as intelligent discourse.

Lately the focus has shifted in the blogosphere from the woes of the successful; single black spinster to the modern man is a sissy that is “letting” women become more successful than he. I have one question for people who are contributing to this charge (quite a few of them being women believe it or not) – my question is this:

When was it ever a competition?

Look, for a long time old men ran this country (America) and prevented anyone that wasn’t in the good ‘ol boys club to earn. This forced a few people (Irish, Italians, etc.) to take to illegal enterprises which forced the upper elite to accept them into the club due to the power of money. Women on the other hand remained firmly out of the club due to a variety of excuses and traditions that were given a pretty name and coating to keep things unchanged. If you aren’t a watcher of Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire I would encourage you to do so.

In modern times, and this is just my opinion, women have taken advantage of a system that finally allows everyone to earn, regardless of their make and model. This is somehow scary to men and women who only know things to be one way and it has led to a number of vocal ideologists using it to attack the modern man.

Typical authors of this bull are new fathers who were or are douchebags that objectified and ran through women just as much as any of us. The difference is they think that their new enlightenment found through having a daughter or 3, a wife and a church family gives them the right to assume the role of male feminist with an ax to grind.

The thing I want to ask these “men” is:

Why disguise your obvious guilty attack on the rest of us as some misaligned “let’s get it together” push for men to step up our game? Come on man, you make real male feminists ashamed as you call the entire male gender a bunch of rapists, mouth-breathing frat boys and omega men who play video games rather than compete with their women for a higher salary.

It’s times like this where I want to draw a line in the sand and ask the real men to step over on this side so that we can pinpoint the fakers who hate us and brand them for the world to see.

Look if you’re a man then be the man you want to be, you have all the privilege in the world to do so and a woman making 6-figures has little to do with that.

I encourage all of my male readers to call out all of these authors on their bull whenever you see this drivel and strike a blow for equal rights and let these eunuchs know that we won’t stand for misandry by other males. It does us no good to be silent to this new trend of ball breaking as we have been silent now for millennia.

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  • *J

    Wow! This was a very insightful post. What you said is so true. I don’t think it’s a competition. It’s just that the playing field is becoming more even. It shouldn’t have to be a competition between men and women, but as we know, our society loves that battle of the sexes (men vs women). If you ask me, that battle is getting old. It’s time to move past that and focus on what truly matters.

    Men aren’t becoming weaker and women aren’t becoming stronger. The truth is there has always been strong women and weak men. Now people have just decided to put the camera on them for the next 15 minutes. It’s always something new. Who knows what the next battle will be.

    • Jay I read 2 articles in a row from blogs that are as different as water and earth yet they were saying the same thing. One guy asserted that if you aren’t married with a kid and making more money than your lady then you are a loser at home playing video games. He used the old “men of the past” comparison check and said that we were losing out to women that are getting their education and becoming bread winners. Another post was by a self-proclaimed male feminist who said that we are too busy raping and drinking light beer to notice that women were kicking our ass and taking our roles. He got flamed in the comments and had the nerve to say that his article was actually meant to uplift men. 2 stupid articles on a topic that is gaining popularity.

      I wonder myself what the next flavor of the month will be. If I was a gambling man I would say it’s going to come around to something about black men. Nothing makes money moreso than stirring up black anger so I can see the media trolls using the blog feedback to boost some hits with that topic.

      • *J

        Yeah that makes no sense. People will say anything to get some attention. I’m with you. That seems to be a hot topic that comes around more often than not.